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Schuylkill County Man

The Adventures of Schuylkill County Man Continue

We were there for all his ups and downs, but mostly downs.

schuylkill county man year in review 2021

Schuylkill County Man never fails to let us down.

And 2021 was no exception.

Every year, you can count on Schuylkill County Man to get into some precarious and sometimes unfortunate situations.

But no matter what happens to him, we’ll be there to document his adventures.

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Schuylkill County Man Year in Review 2021

Let’s take a look back at Schuylkill County Man’s big adventures in the year 2021 …

Schuylkill County Man Charged With Robbing Store Of Scratch-Offs And Losing

To say Schuylkill County Man is unlucky, as a blanket statement, is unfair. But one particular Schuylkill County man had a particularly unlucky stretch a few weeks ago.

Schuylkill County Man Charged With Shooting Blanks

Schuylkill County Man is under a lot of pressure these days, so shooting blanks is understandable. But when it happens out on the street, public safety becomes an issue.

Schuylkill County Man Helps A Truck Driver, Then Steals His IPhone

Never forget, Schuylkill County Man tries to do the right thing. Then that little devil on the side of his head whispers in his ear, “Go ahead … knock ’em out and steal his iPhone.”

Schuylkill County Man Reports Random Woman On His Lawn Wearing HIS Shirt

See, Schuylkill County Man would literally give you the shirt off his back. But you can’t just walk into his house when he’s not at home and help yourself to one of his shirts.

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Schuylkill County Man Makes Himself At Home In Another Man’s Home

At least she got in and out. A Schuylkill County Man arrived home this year and found another Schuylkill County Man making himself at home. Shower, food, beer …

Schuylkill County Man Robbed Through A Hole In The Wall

It’s just not fair to treat Schuylkill County Man this way. He’d gladly give you a hot meal and anything he could for free. But you don’t have to bust through his wall to get it.


OK, so it’s unfair to portray Schuylkill County Man as some sort of victim here. That’s especially true when you see how rage-y Schuylkill County Man got in 2021.

When he got hot, he really blew his stack.

These are the times when you read the news and you say to yourself, “Go home, drunk; you’re Schuylkill County Man …”

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Schuylkill County Man Rages in 2021

Here’s a look at the year in Schuylkill County Man rage.

Schuylkill County Man Arrested After Trying To Run Down Family Over His Walmart Parking Spot

We really have a bugaboo about parking and parking spots.

Schuylkill County Man Jailed After Alleged Rampage

He terrorized a small neighborhood outside Pine Grove recently.

Schuylkill County Man Hits Woman With A Board, Holds Knife To Her Neck

This is a Hacksaw Jim Duggan level of rage but definitely not something he’d endorse.

Schuylkill County Man Spray Paints Woman, Hits Another With A Table

This isn’t nice … or normal.

Schuylkill County Man Accused Of Kicking A Dog Then Punching A Woman


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Schuylkill County Man Facing Charges After Alleged Hatchet Attack

Wait … a hatchet? It’s like this Schuylkill County Man went fully deranged Daniel Boone.

Schuylkill County Man Allegedly Tried To Run Ex “Off The F🤐🤐🤐Ing Road” With Dump Truck

That’s not the proper use of a dump truck and he knows it.


Schuylkill County Man Blooper of the Year

Here’s the moment when Schuylkill County Man fell off the stage …

Schuylkill County Man Drops ATM Card At Boscov’s While Stealing From Boscov’s



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Schuylkill County Man Family Moment of 2021

Schuylkill County Man is a family man, of course. But that means different things to different people. For instance, some sons get their mothers lovely gifts. And then there are others who solicit them in fights against their ex. READ: Schuylkill County Man Wanted Mom To Beat Up His Ex-Girlfriend


Schuylkill County Man Schuylkill County Mans Too Hard

Sometimes there are moments when Schuylkill County Man tries to Schuylkill County Man too hard and gets himself into trouble.

Schuylkill County Man Arrested Along Gold Star Highway Surrounded By Beer Cans

This is about where you’d expect to find Schuylkill County Man who’s had a few too many.

Schuylkill County Man Passes Out In Gas Station Bathroom, Then Passes Out Behind The Wheel

Schuylkill County Man really needs to take better care of himself.


Schuylkill County Man Needs to Limit His Internet Time

When Schuylkill County Man goes online, he can get himself into a little bit of trouble.

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Schuylkill County Man Bilked Out Of Nearly $5K In NBCUniversal Job Scam

A lot of people fell victim to online scams this year. This is just an unfortunate situation but hopefully serves as a reminder to others, be careful whenever you’re sending money online to strangers.

Schuylkill County Man Says He’s Being Blackmailed Over Erotic Video

Of course, what applies to money also applies to nudes. Just … don’t do it. They’re not worth it, Schuylkill County Man.

Schuylkill County Man Says Hacker Is Holding Snapchat Photos Of Him For Ransom

Screenshots are real, guys. Remember that.

Schuylkill County Man Meets “Malaysian Woman” Online Who Steals His ID And Files Unemployment Claim

Of all the false unemployment claims filed in 2021, Schuylkill County Man’s victim story definitely steals the spotlight.


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Schuylkill County Man’s ‘What The …’ Moment of 2021

And finally, let’s wrap up the Year in Schuylkill County Man moments with one that should go into a time capsule to be opened 50 years from now so people can wonder, “What in the actual …?”

Schuylkill County Man Says He’s God And Kenny Smith Is The Devil Who Gives Out The Drug, Controls Us With A Phone And Dispatches Killer Robots

Have you heard from Kenny today?

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