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Schuylkill County Man

Who’s the Schuylkill County Man Man of the Year in 2023? Technically, We Don’t Know!

He’s ‘da belle of da ball’!

We’ve reached the end of another trip around the sun and it’s been quite the trip for Schuylkill County Man.

Honestly, through the years we’ve been publishing Coal Region Canary, we’ve seen Schuylkill County in worse circumstances, doing far dumber things than he did this year.

But in those years we’ve been in existence, we’ve never been let down by Schuylkill County Man’s antics and this year was no different.

Schuylkill County Man of the Year 2023

So, as we wrap up 2023, let’s take a look back at the best (or worst) of Schuylkill County Man over the last 12 months. It all wraps up at the end of this post when we name our Schuylkill County Man Man of the Year.

We Don’t Want to Know What You’re Planning

One of the first Schuylkill County Man stories we covered this year was definitely one of the strangest.

We tried not to let the mind wander too far with this one. And we’d advise you to do the same.

But just what are you planning to do with a Sharpie and some lube?

Better Than Years’ Past?

Typically, in the past, Schuylkill County Man has a problem taking the Little Schuylkill County Man out in all the wrong places.

This year, we don’t recall that happening too often. It did happen with one particular Schuylkill County Woman, but that’s another story for another Year in Review.

But it wasn’t a completely PG-13 year for Schuylkill County Man.

We think he may be getting a little lazy but we also like to think this is progress …

Schuylkill County Man Behaving Badly

Schuylkill County Man got himself into some serious trouble this year, and that’s not uncommon. Let’s have a look at our guy at his worst in 2023.

Feels Like This Could Have Ended with a Simple Ticket

Of course, we know Schuylkill County Man knows when to run and not run. He knows if he’s got warrants and if he’s caught, he’s gotta run.

When that happens, this happens … with pitbulls.

It’s a Bold Strategy

Some athletes are fueled by things like Gatorade, Wheaties, those sorts of things.

When Schuylkill County Man needs that extra boost, you know he’s grabbing for a baggie of meth. And he’ll grab it right out of a cop’s hand.

Schuylkill County Man Man of the Year 2023: The Second Runner-Up

We’ve reached the end and it’s time to reveal our top picks for Schuylkill County Man Man of the Year.

And this year, we have actual reason to believe in the future of Schuylkill County Man.

Yes, this particular Schuylkill County Man did get arrested but a lot of our readers and comments on our social media pages suggest he should have gotten a medal, not a court summons.

Find out why …

The Runner-Up: Classic Schuylkill County Man

A lot of Schuylkill County Man headlines write themselves and this one is no exception. We’re making this guy our Runner-up for Schuylkill County Man Man of the year simply for the pun of it.

2023’s Schuylkill County Man Man of the Year: Not Michael Scott

That brings us to our winner and this one is a classic.

It’s got pop culture references. It’s got an air of mystery. It’s got Dementors …

The best part of this year’s Schuylkill County Man Man of the Year is that we still don’t even know who he is.

He provided a fake name to police. It was a classic name. The headline was an ultimate Schuylkill County Man classic.

So, we let it go at that and Michael Scott, real or fake, goes down in our history as the official 2023 Schuylkill County Man Man of the Year.

Here’s to a bright future for Schuylkill County Man in 2024. We know he won’t let us down; we just hope no one gets hurt in the process.

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