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“Schuylkill Notes” No Longer Appearing in Food Packages?

Does the person or people behind these notes think someone is on to them?

It seems the person or group behind distributing what’s become known as Schuylkill Notes is changing strategy.

When we first reported on the discovery of some semi-encrypted paper notes back in 2020, most of these bizarre messages were appearing tucked in packaging of foods purchased at grocery stores in Schuylkill County.

That’s how they eventually got their name. People not from Schuylkill County have identified here as their likely place of origin.

These notes contained messages warning of the dangers of “secret societies” and the power and influence they might have over our lives.

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It was 2020 and the world was upside-down because of the government’s reaction to the COVID pandemic. These notes added a bit of intrigue and mystery to the entire situation.

They seemed to be everywhere at first, but mostly in food packaging and predominantly in Schuylkill County.

Back then, no one was talking about them very much. The Canary reported on the notes after Coal Speaker first spotted their existence.

We literally received hundreds of responses, especially at first, from people saying they, too, had found the notes. And they were in everything you could possibly buy at a grocery store.


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How these bizarre little notes got in those food items remains a mystery to this day despite more attention being drawn to them.

YouTubers and some mainstream news outlets have picked up on the story but their origin is unknown.

Fast forward from 2020, now 4 years later, and the messages still appear. It’s not as frequently as in the past but these messages seem to come in waves, like every couple of months.

And in the last couple months, The Canary has received several reports from readers who obviously found our original report and submitted what they found via our News Tip Entry Form (see below).

However, these messages are not being found in food items any more.

The last two news tip submissions received were from people who found these notes outdoors, mostly on hiking trails.

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Earlier this week, one reader said he and his friends were hiking the Appalachian Trail and found two Schuylkill Notes.

Back in January, a Canary reader found a Schuylkill Note at the Kernsville Dam in Berks County.

Not all the notes found (and reported to The Canary) have been outdoors. We did get a report of a Schuylkill Note being found inside a sealed box of Giant brand tissues, too.

But the majority of the Schuylkill Notes found are in outdoor settings. And that’s what’s being reported on the r/schuylkillnotes subreddit, too. This subreddit has more than 25,000 members and is very active.

The r/schuylkillnotes subreddit has more than 25,000 members and there are regular posts from people who claim they’ve found one of the mysterious notes that may have originated in Schuylkill County.

One Redditor found a Schuylkill Note at the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. Another reported finding one hanging on a tree branch while walking a trail along the Susquehanna River.

A little more than a week ago, someone also reported finding a Schuylkill Note hanging by a paper clip from a tree at Weiser State Park.

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And two weeks ago, another note was found just north of Jim Thorpe.

The amount of people reporting finding a Schuylkill Note outdoors, specifically near hiking and walking trails, clearly shows a change in strategy by the person or people responsible for them or a fear that someone is on to them.

These notes tend to appear more frequently when the world seems to get a bit nuttier so you can probably expect to see more Schuylkill Notes appearing over the next few months ahead of the November Presidential Election.

Did you find a Schuylkill Note? Let us know where you found it and share a photo of it with us and our readers using our News Tip form below:

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