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Schuylkill County Man

Naked Schuylkill County Man Jumps Through Neighbor’s Window, Threatens to Kill Man

It took 3 police officers to take him into custody.

A naked Schuylkill County man allegedly jumped through a neighbor’s window and threatened to kill a man inside.

This reportedly happened early Saturday morning in the 800 block of W. Norwegian St. in Pottsville, just after 7 a.m. on Jan. 13. At that time, police were dispatched to an address there for a breaking-and-entering call.

En route to the call, according to a criminal complaint filed with District Magistrate James Reiley by Pottsville Police Officer Brandon Tran, it was learned that the accused, identified as Michael Yackenchick, was still in the home.

As police arrived, a woman who lives at the address where Yackenchick is accused of breaking into, met police and said that her neighbor (Yackenchick) had jumped through and shattered the window of her home. She also told police that her boyfriend was still in the house with Yackenchick.

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Later, she told police that she was sitting on her couch watching television when she heard the window in her kitchen smash. When she looked in the kitchen, she saw Yackenchick laying on a wine rack, completely nude.

Police say they entered the home and heard a voice coming from the kitchen saying, “He is going to kill me.”

At that point, the woman’s boyfriend came toward police seeking safety.

Yackenchick then approached police, standing in the living room of the home. He was completely naked, police say.

Police say Yackenchick resisted being taken into custody by two other Pottsville police officers. It eventually took three officers to subdue him.

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The boyfriend said he was sitting in the kitchen at the time Yackenchick smashed through the window. Yackenchick allegedly started walking toward the boyfriend after he’d entered the home and repeatedly said, “I’m going to kill you.” He also reportedly tried wrapping his arms around the boyfriend.

The boyfriend was able to get Yackenchick off of him after some struggle. Police say they saw evidence of injury on the boyfriend’s chest and neck.

As for Yackenchick, he had several open wounds, police say.

Police also noted smashed glass in the kitchen and outside the window where Yackenchick allegedly broke into the home. He is also accused of damaging the wine rack and several bottles of wine.

Police charged Yackenchick with first-degree felony burglary and second-degree felony criminal trespass along with misdemeanor counts of indecent exposure, simple assault, and criminal mischief.

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Court records show he has a Schuylkill Haven address.

Bail was set at 10% of $15,000, which Yackenchick was initially unable to post but did and was released from Schuylkill County Prison on the 13th. He’s due back in court for a Preliminary Hearing on Feb. 5.

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