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Presidential candidate Joe Biden did a series of interviews and speeches from a very floral room on Saturday.

These not-so-public appearances happened a day after video resurfaced showing Biden appear to call a room full of military members “stupid bastards” in a 2016 speech.

The Biden campaign tried to pass off this comment as a joke. But as we noted, it’s not really a joke if you have to tell people what you said was a joke.

Joe Biden Joked He Was Elected to the Senate 180 Years Ago

However, what Biden said on Saturday about his being elected to the Senate 180 years ago does actually sound like a real joke. It just doesn’t sound like Biden wrote it and hadn’t read it from the teleprompter prior to reciting it to the United States Conference of Mayors.

Take a look for yourselves:

Again, it sounds like a joke. And not even a bad joke, honestly.

It’s as funny as it can be for a person who’s been in politics and Washington DC as long as Biden actually has (47+ years) with very few accomplishments running on a platform of change.

But Was Biden Really Joking?

Even though it truly does sound like Biden was joking when he dropped the line about being in the Senate for 180 years, his TV appearances during the day suggest that maybe it was just another verbal blunder.

Check out this clip from an MSNBC interview with Stephanie Ruhle where the anchor has to help him remember the name of a lending program for small businesses:

We’re not doctors so we can’t and won’t say these are signs of dementia in Biden. That’s not right.

And it’s not right to make fun of someone’s speech impediment so you’ll never get that from us.

But why do these things keep happening. This wasn’t even the only time it happened on Saturday.

This is from the same interview with Ruhle where he’s clearly out of breath and goes completely off topic.


One response to Biden Says He’s Been in the Senate for 180 … We’re Half-Sure He Was Joking

  1. william October 15th, 2020 at 9:37 pm

    im a democrat in ohio and voting for Trump because when he comes here , he know where he is .
    Biden wasnt making a joke other than he is the joke and will be thrown in the basement if he wins.


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