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Biden Gets COVID Booster Shot Like a Big Boy – Says 97-98% Must Be Vaxxed for Return to Normal

biden booster shot

biden booster shot

Joe Biden went on TV today to get his COVID booster shot. And he was a very good boy. He didn’t cry, make a fuss or throw a temper tantrum.

Of course, no one knows what was really in the vial that they’re calling the vaccine. It could have been saline solution. Heck, it could have been clear Kool-Aid for all we know.

Biden Gets a COVID Booster Shot

So very little about the President is real these days. But here he is, presumably getting his COVID booster shot.

While he was getting shot, Biden didn’t cry or wince. He sat still like a good boy and even answered a question from what social media is referring to as a reporter. The fact that he actually answered a question from the “media” suggests the “reporter” could have been a plant.

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Biden’s handlers have been making sure he doesn’t get backed into answering any of those nosy questions.

So, the reporter asks Biden what percentage of Americans need to be vaccinated against COVID until life can “return to normal” … as if it hadn’t been for a very large portion of the country for a while now.

And this is what he said …

“Well, I think … Look … I think we get the vast majority, like what’s going on in some industries and some schools 97, 98 percent, I think we’re awful close. But I’m not the scientist but one thing’s for certain. A quarter of the country can’t go unvaccinated and us continue to not have a problem.”

Just more goalpost shifting from the left, as we’ve seen throughout this pandemic.

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At this point, “15 days to flatten the curve” is a punchline. We can remember when the illustrious Dr. Fauci told everyone that about 70% of the country needed to be vaccinated to return to normal.

Now, it’s practically everybody.

What does it matter? Soon, we won’t even remember what “normal” looked like.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Frank

    September 28, 2021 at 7:28 pm

    Covid is hitting the vaccinated. I wonder how many “unvaccinated” had Covid, and natural immunity? We just had several friends pass away the past 2 months unexpectedly. They were all vaccinated. Every one. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. Hurray for those unvaccinated sticking to it. They may actually live longer without it

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