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Biden Quotes

Biden Quote About the Irish Resurfaces Around St. Patrick’s Day

Kinda funny, no?

I may be irish but Im not stupid

It’s no secret President Joe Biden has a knack for offending large populations of people based on their ethnicity or skin color.

Most recently, there was the “you ain’t black” comment during his 2020 basement campaign for President.

And in the past, there’s the “poor kids” have just as great a chance as “white kids” comment and the crack he made about the ethnicity of every Dunkin’ Donuts employee in Delaware.

But, of course, it’s perfectly OK when Joe Biden does it.

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Another glossed over comment that’s recently resurfaced is his remark about Irish people – which he claims to be – back in 2019.

“I may be Irish, but I’m not stupid.”

According to information from Irish Daily Mirror, at an event in Iowa, Biden was asked a question and instead of snapping at the person who asked it, as he often does, the current US President delivered a remarkably ignorant comeback.

Biden said, “I may be Irish, but I’m not stupid.”

Now, we won’t object to Biden making fun of his “own” kind on this one. The Daily Mirror does note that Biden’s family does originally hail from the Emerald Isle, so he could argue that throwing a few japes at his own is perfectly acceptable.

We actually believe this comment is really funny and can only hope to return to a society where it’s OK to poke fun at yourself and others rather than get triggered and filled with pseudo rage.

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Don’t confuse that with his “you ain’t black” comment or his other questionable remarks on race. That stuff is really racist.



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