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biden something on your chin

During a Zoom call on Friday discussing the wildfires in the western US, President Joe Biden received a note from an aide.

The note, as captured by an AP photographer, reads: Sir, there is something on your chin.

Here’s the original tweet from Photographer Andrew Harnik:

Biden puts his hand up to his chin and wipes. He then looks at speck that was on his chin, now on his hand. After giving it a little bit of thought, he puts that same hand back toward his mouth, appearing to eat whatever it was.

Biden gets note about something on his chin. He wipes it off … and then EATS it.

It’s hard to identify what that foreign substance might be from the video of the event. Could be a toast crumb or something like that.


Whatever it was, Biden clearly thought it was edible. And he tries to cover up that he ate it by wiping his chin again. Either that, or he liked what he tasted and went looking for more chin crumbs.

What we’re wondering here is that in the video, it shows Biden staring at the note long after he eats whatever was on his chin. And not only that, he’s staring at the back side of the note.

While conservatives on Twitter seized on this moment, liberals were quick to shout that it’s ridiculous that the news media would even mention this.


Of course, they have zero memory and can’t remember when they all couldn’t stop talking about that fly landing on Mike Pence’s head during last year’s Vice President debate. Or that time Trump took a sip of water from a glass. They said it was a sign of his cognitive failures and Twitter let something about the 25th Amendment trend for a week after that happened.

This was a big week for Biden wiping things.

He started this week by appearing to tell a report that his butt’s been wiped. And now he’s wiping his own chin and eating what he finds.


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