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Biden Falls 3 Times Scaling Air Force One Stairs

Hasn’t really been Joe Biden’s week as far as camera appearances goes.

Not long after he appeared to shape-shift before an alleged throng of reporters outside the White House earlier this week, President Biden was seen boarding Air Force One on Friday.

But he had a little trouble climbing the mobile stairway leading to the President’s aircraft.

Biden stumbled not just once, not twice, but thrice.

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Biden Falls Up Stairs to Air Force One

Take a look at the blooper reel in this video captured by Hill.TV on Friday:

Now, to Biden’s credit here, he does try to aggressively climb the stairway, nearing a jogging pace as he starts to scale the steps. But after the time he’s had recently – the green screen incident, the forgetting people’s names and titles – you’d think he’d chalk up the easy W here and just casually walk up the stairs.

Instead, he posted the L.

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The problem here is he’s holding the hand rail as he tries to run up the stairs.

No matter though. He’s got his defenders out there who quickly jumped on the opportunity to remind people online Friday about the time President Donald Trump appeared to struggle with a wet ramp.

Remember the Trump ramp incident?

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Schmoyoho immortalized the moment in a classic Songify video:

The problem for Biden sycophants is Trump trumps them every time. If you recall, the story he told at a rally after that ramp incident was an instant classic.

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