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Biden Calls Fox News Reporter a “One Horse Pony” Which Is Not a Thing

one horse pony joe biden

one horse pony joe biden

The person calling himself President-elect Joe Biden continues to dodge questions from the national news media, especially questions that may be unflattering.

And that continued on Tuesday when he conveniently ducked a question about his son, Hunter.

Hunter Biden is believed to be under federal investigation over tax issues related to foreign monies he may have received. His father, whom allegedly collected more than 81 million votes in the Presidential election back in November, once called this entire story a piece of Russian disinformation.

Of course, the mainstream news backed him on his unfounded claim of Russian disinformation because they still believe that Russia somehow, without evidence, helped Donald Trump get elected President in 2016.

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Fox News reporter Peter Doocy tried to ask Biden during what was dubbed a “Christmas address” about the Hunter Biden scandal. Doocey asked if the “President-elect” still believes the Hunter Biden story is a piece of Russian disinformation.

Biden was not amused even though he laughed hysterically at the question.

And then Biden delivered a classic Biden-ism, meaning he said something that doesn’t make any sense. Give him some credit though; he did turn to answer the reporter’s questions.

Biden said:

“Yes, yes, and yes. God love ya man. You’re a one-horse pony.”

He probably meant that Doocy is a one-trick pony. We’re not sure what a one-horse pony would be.

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Are there two-horse ponies? Isn’t a pony really just half of a normal horse?

And what’s with Biden and ponies? Did he not have a pony growing up in Scranton or Delaware or wherever he claims to be from that’s politically convenient at the time?

If you’ll recall, during his miserable campaign during the Democrat primaries in 2020, Biden called a would-be supporter of his a “lying dog-faced pony soldier”. (See: No Room for a Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier in Biden’s America)

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  1. Ryles

    December 24, 2020 at 10:53 am

    Too many people gasping at stars here!

  2. Trump Supporter

    December 31, 2020 at 4:05 pm

    Per the Urban Dictionary…
    One horse pony – Urban Dictionary › define › term=One horse pony

    One horse pony is a term commonly used by old fools that can’t complete a sentence without soiling themselves.

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