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Ever Given Refloated in the Suez Canal! Did They Use … The Dreaded Apparatus?

ever given suez canal refloated

ever given suez canal refloated

We don’t normally dabble in international news but considering how well our collection of the Best Suez Canal Memes were received in the last 24 hours, the Commissioner of the Schuylkill County Dept. of Memes feels the need to break in here with some news.

BREAKING NEWS: Ever Given Ship Refloated in Suez Canal, All Memes Put on Hold

The Ever Given ship has been refloated. Refloated … that’s a word people who believe they’re experts on everything started using the last week that can’t go away soon enough, right?

Refloated is a fancy way of saying “got unstuck” as best we can tell.

Apparently, this tweet shows video of the Ever Given captain around the moment the boat (sorry, vessel) got unstuck.

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This development happened rather quickly, however. Yesterday, there were worries that it’d be stuck for up to another week. We’re not sure the world had enough memes for that much time.

It was really touch-and-go there for a bit.

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But something must have happened. Something that could get things moving in a hurry.

It puts us here at your local Dept. of Memes in mind of a Seinfeld episode.

Remember “The Pilot”? The two-parter where Jerry and George’s NBC pilot is taped and debuted on TV?

In Part I, Kramer auditions to play himself but his tryout is interrupted for good when he feels a certain sensation brewing.

“I was … percolating,” he says.

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But Kramer has trouble finding the proper receptacle for this sensation and later tells Jerry that now, he can’t. At all. It’s stuck, if you will.

And no matter what he tries, nothing’s moving, kinda like the situation in the Suez Canal over the last week. They tried everything, presumably.

Oat bran?

Little excavator? Yep.

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Kramer, like the Ever Given, had a BIG problem.

Finally, Kramer had to come to the realization that it was time.

So, is that what happened in the Suez Canal overnight?

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