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It seems we avoided the worst of the gas shortage here in Schuylkill County and Pennsylvania, in general.

That means no one had to put up with cranky people criticizing their neighbors for buying an extra 5-gallons when they went to top off their tanks.

We just get to watch another part of the country scramble to buy gas, reminisce about the last time we saw gas lines in America.

And, of course, we have the memes to enjoy.

Gas shortages are all fun and games when they don’t affect you directly (yet) …

Best Gas Shortage Memes

We’ve been collecting the best gas shortage memes since the crisis began. And though it seems the emergency or non-emergency is nearing an end and filling stations in the South are getting gas deliveries again, you may want to keep these handy for the next shortage.

gas shortage memes

The Aaaaaand It’s Gone meme format knows no bounds.

biden harris gas shortage meme

This meme blames the Biden-Harris (or Harris-Biden) administration for the gas shortage. Of course, liberals disagree. But does it matter? They spent about 5 years blaming Trump for everything, so guess what, this is their fault.

Energy independence to gas shortage in 4 short months … Incredible!

We’re only a small fraction of the way through Sleepy Joe’s one and only term and it feels like forever.

Missing the Orange Man? You bet.


gas shortage memes

We saw plenty of photos and video of people filling plastic garbage bags and all sorts of vessels with gasoline. Apparently, thanks to the invaluable fact-checkers hired by the major social media companies, they were all from previous years.

gas shortage meme

Maybe we’ve evolved since then. A Styrofoam cooler to carry your extra gas? Someone get Greta on the phone!

gas shortage memes

Seriously, who gets to decide what constitutes “panic buying” or “hoarding” and what is just a practice of being prepared?

gas shortage memes

Just like last year, the hoarding police were out in full effect during the gas shortage.

gas shortage memes

Apparently the gas shortage got real for some people this week. If you’re outta gas, you’re not going anywhere, especially Madagascar.

gas shortage memes

Wait until the power grid fails and Tesla owners are wishing they still had a gas-powered vehicle.

gas shortage meme

An example of our society going soft … no one siphons gas like they used to. What a shame.

gas shortage meme flatten the curve

HA! Flatten the curve. Have we finally done it?

gas shortage austin powers


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