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The Best of the Bread and Milk Meme

The best bread and milk memes we could find

If there is snow in the forecast, folks in Schuylkill County do as many others clearly do: dash to the supermarket for the obvious staples, milk, bread, and eggs. Since it’s now 2019, there needs to bread and milk memes and yes, there are because the internet always delivers.

We’ve collected the best of the best bread and milk memes for you and your sharing delights.

No need to comment below that you’re stealing this. Actually, we encourage it. Share this whole article of bread and milk memes for all we care.

By the way, in collecting this list of bread and milk meme images, we came across quite a few that are just terrible. Be thankful for this collection:

For this, you definitely want to have some extra TP. There’s having a cool comeback like this, but then there’s responsibility. Without TP, this is a disgusting scenario about to unfold.

Sure, it’s important to grab some staple items but it’s obvious that today, we’re just not geared as they once were when there’d be a run on bread and milk and eggs at the stores. People still do it, but I would guess it’s mostly out of tradition.

One thing is pretty clear, if the funniest bread and milk meme is an e-card, the category could use some updating.

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