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The Best Suez Canal Memes We Could Find

trump tweet suez meme

Everyone’s still talking about the massive pileup in the Suez Canal caused by a giant container ship getting stuck. And if everyone’s talking about, a lot of people are busy creating the latest Suez Canal meme to outdo the last one.

Some of the memes created to commemorate the big Suez Canal jam are just cracking us up. So, we wanted to share our favorites that we’ve come across so far.

The Best Suez Canal Memes Right Now

Hank Hill clearly behind this one suggesting WD-40 would solve the crisis:

suez canal memes

Joe Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki offers up her trademark line as advice for the captain of the Ever Given:

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circle back suez meme

But does she understand who’s at the helm of the ship? Is that where the captain stands, the helm? Sounds like a fancy way of saying steering wheel, tbh:

biden suez meme

This is the one thing we immediately thought of when seeing the pictures of the Ever Given stuck side-to-side in the Suez. Keep in mind, it’s required in the Canary newsroom to make at least one Austin Powers reference per week. Our younger readers are like, Who’s Austin Powers?

austin powers suez meme

Honestly, we struggle a lot realizing there are people out there who don’t know who Austin Powers is. It’s almost as scary when you realize how many people don’t know where the Suez Canal is. It causes us a lot of pain.

suez digger meme

And we’ve confirmed that there are people out there, living among us, who don’t understand this Ross from Friends meme and how it relates to the current situation in the Suez:

ross suez meme

Friends? Seinfeld was better. Everyone knows that. The sea was angry that day, my friends:

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costanza seinfeld suez meme

We wonder, do kids these days read Little Golden Books?

suez golden book meme

Many of you are probably, at this point, like …

ever given suez meme

You were probably busy at work or something and came across this collection of memes. If your day was a Suez meme, it’d be like:

suez meme workflow procrastination

But probably many of you were lured here because they saw the Trump tweet and just had to click it. That’s why we waited until the end. It had us cracked up for a solid 10 minutes.

trump tweet suez meme

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