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These Egg Prices Memes Will Crack You Up and Don’t Cost a Penny!

Frittatas in downtown Pottsville are going for $50 rn.


In case you haven’t heard, the price of eggs has gone up dramatically once again.

Eggs are now way more than double what they were at this time last year. And it’s likely, the price will continue to creep up; if not now, then later this year.

Since it’s getting too expensive to fry up some eggs every day, the internet is scrambling some great egg memes to celebrate these new, ridiculously high egg prices.

Hilarious Egg Prices Memes

We’ve compiled some of the best egg memes we could find over the last week. Check them out and laugh because laughing, at least for now, is still free.

This egg meme incorporates a little bit of the gas stove ban news, too.
How many eggs can $1.35 billion buy? A: Not as many as it would have in 2022!
No one wants to say it, but place the blame for these egg prices where it belongs … GREEDY CHICKENS!
Eggs are getting to be as expensive as apartments in Schuylkill County! $4 a dozen … $900 a month to live in Girardville! Crazy times we live in, for sure.
Those people who were fighting to raise chickens in municipalities were on to something and the government knew it and shut them down.
Nothing says “I Love You So Much” like a fresh 18-pack of pasture-raised eggs.
Say hello to my little hens!
Cue the theme song!
egg prices meme
This is going to be a meme when they ban cash.
egg meme drug dealer
bird flu wearing a mask egg meme
mAsK gOeS oVeR tHe nOsE!
eggs meme raises chickens
Fellas, you’ve got to make yourself the catch! Egg up.

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