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Schuylkill County Dept of Memes

Stealing This Meme – Volume 1

steal this meme

steal this meme

The Schuylkill County Dept. of Meme Commissioner was busy this week.

No, not creating new memes based on local life. Nope.

Instead, the Commissioner was hard at work hitting the Save Image As … option on the right-click menu and stealing some of the funniest memes encountered across the internets.

The Best Stolen Memes of the Week


Do any of the symbols in your vehicle make sense?


The mask meme people are really ramping up their game lately. This book should be sent to each and every one of them.


You absolutely can’t trust anyone from Oz.


Jeep thing?


We still haven’t stopped cracking up about that one.

This is one area where humans can improve.

We’ve never updated our high bar mark since sliced bread. Everything is still the best thing since sliced bread. Is this really the best we’ve accomplished in almost a hundred years?

FACT: Maria tried to organize a NIMBY group to get Oscar kicked off Sesame Street.

You can tell it’s stolen because we’d never use “deers”.

To properly heat up a lasagna in the microwave, stick holes in the middle with a knife and be sure to cover it with a lid or a plate so the steam softens the noodles. Or, just eat all of it when you make it so you don’t have leftovers.

Unbelievably, they still make and sell Fruit Stripe gum. You can buy some here. It’s probably because people just want to see how disappointing it is after about 10 seconds. That 10 seconds of actual flavor is a wild ride though.


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