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Is This the Right Time to Bring Up the UFO Sighting in Pottsville Last Week?

the truth is out there pottsville

We weren’t sure when the right time to bring this up was, and we can’t confirm it, but …

It appears we may have been visited by aliens last week.

aliens meme

What with all the coronavirus stuff going on, plus these random late-night booms everyone keeps asking everyone else if they heard, we guess it was easy to miss.

But someone in Pottsville spotted a UFO last week, on April 6, just after 9 p.m.

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First, it was coronavirus.

Then they took Graffiti Highway away.

And now this!

UFO Spotting Above Pottsville on April 6

According to, a spotter in Pottsville noticed something peculiar in the sky.

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It was a clear night, this UFO spotter says. In a UFO Sighting Report posted to the site, they write:

“So it was a clear night out and I decided to get my telescope out because it was quite warm tonight. I like looking at the moon every night I get a chance. So I focused my telescope at the moon. I believe it was a waxing gibbous tonight if I’m not mistaken.”

We can confirm this part of the story, at least. According to the site, the moon was in Waxing Gibbous phase on April 6.

Now, if you think this person is out there just looking for UFOs, you’re obviously wrong. To prove it, the spotter says very clearly:

“I was not expecting to see what I saw tonight.”

And this spotter knows the difference between stars, moons, planets, satellites, and all other lunar whatnots floating around up there. As they write:

“Now I’ve seen satellites pass the moon and they have a clear define [sic] shape and same with most asteroids. This was weird.”

This was no asteroid, though, the spotter says. This was weird. It was even difficult for this spotter to understand:

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“I witness for about 45ish seconds a black almost glowing object traverse the lower half of the moon. Unlike a [sic] asteroid is gave off light I think but it was a weird light if that makes sense. Also it moved very slow compared to satellites. As i said it lasted about 45 seconds.”

Not the First UFO Spotting in Pottsville?

This may not be the first time we’ve been visited or been part of alien flyover country. has at least 2 other reports of UFOs spotted over Pottsville. There was a previous spotting in 2016. This one was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube:

More details on the event can be found on this Reddit entry.

And then there was another spotting back in January 2014.

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In a UFOworldnews spotting report, the person says:

“I was outside at my home in Pottsville, I looked in the sky like I always do and I saw what I thought was a star. Very bright. And then it moved, It was pretty high in the northern sky, it moved to the east about 4inches and stopped. It sat there for about 2-3 seconds and moved about 4 inches again to the east and stopped. It sat there for about a second or so and shot off to the north I lost sight of it in less than a second. When it went north it was from a stop 45 degree turn, when it took off it was very fast and seemed to have turned yellow/orange as it faded.”

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  1. Lizzie

    April 12, 2020 at 6:54 pm

    Most definitely the right time. Breaks up the monotony of the same news every night. Thanks!

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  4. Frankie Spain

    September 17, 2020 at 12:36 am I saw the same object and I video for about 5 mins the date was 08/14/2020 it was wired at 3:08 am I noticed this it hovered back and forth up and down appeared to be like a shooters target and looked like flames on the inside no sound at all anyone know what I should do with the video

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