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🤣 Standups React to Guers Iced Tea June 31st Expiration

What’s the deal with June 31st?

A Guers iced tea carton with June 31 as the expiration date.

So, we’re at the store the other day, about to grab a carton of Guers Sugar-Free Iced Tea.

And what’s that?

A double-take was necessary to confirm but yep … the expiration date on the carton: JUN 31.

Had to take a second to remember the old “Thirty days has September …” bit but once we got to the end of that first part, we realized, that carton ain’t right, bot.

The Canary’s standup comedy routine has taken a few mental health days recently so the editorial team here had to rely on ChatGPT-4 to write the jokes for us.

We prompted the bot to write jokes in the style of some of our favorite comedians of all time and this is what we got in response:

“Mr. Warmth” Don Rickles

Jeff Foxworthy

The Sklar Brothers

Dennis Miller

Johnny Carson

Jerry Seinfeld

So far, we’ve only seen this erroneous expiration date on cartons of the Sugar-Free Guers Iced Tea.

Have you seen it elsewhere?

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