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What is it About Sheetz That Makes People Talk About Pee? And Why are They Recording Themselves Peeing at the One in Pottsville?

sheetz pee pottsville

Seriously, what is it about Sheetz that makes people talk about pee?

Confused? Well, there are more people than you think talking about pee and Sheetz in the same conversation. And by talking, we mean posting about it on social media.

While some places are the place to be, it seems Sheetz is the place to pee.

Why are people recording video of themselves peeing at the Sheetz in Pottsville?

We started down this bizarre online rabbit hole – are there non-bizarre ones? – about a week ago when we saw someone post something called a Snapchat Map link on Twitter. It had something about pee and the Sheetz in Pottsville.

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For whatever reason, we clicked this link and got sent to a site that showed a video of a Pokemon card sitting in a urinal, presumably at the Sheetz in Pottsville. When you hit the play button, you see pee hitting the card.


pottsville sheetz pee pokemon card snap map

But before you ask yourself, “Self, why would anyone do this?” you need to really be asking yourself, “Self, why is this apparently not the first time someone’s recorded themselves peeing at the Sheetz in Pottsville?”

No, we didn’t go digging into this claim. We’re going to take the word of Twitterer @kellbellftw. In a post from Thanksgiving eve, she apparently saw the same video we did and wroteWhy are there always weird pee videos at Pottsville Sheetz on the Snapchat map?

This is one of those tweet screenshots you can print out and frame and it shows people so much about where you’re from:

pottsville sheetz pee snapchat map

This only means there are more videos similar in nature to the one above. Thankfully, we’re not too swift with Snapchat or its Maps to understand how to dig deeper into this claim. So, let’s just trust the expert here and assume there are more Snapchat videos of people peeing at the Sheetz in Pottsville.

Sheetz: The Place to Pee

OK, we lied.

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We did do a little bit of digging into this. We did a search to see just how many more times Sheetz, Pottsville, and pee were mentioned on social media, Twitter, in particular, because that’s what originally led us to the Pokemon pee video.

Well, we found that, for whatever reason, people seem to feel a need to discuss their pee at Sheetz.

Gotta Go

Not up for debate:

Gotta Pee Somewhere

This is probably what the execs at Sheetz were thinking when they opened up the new location for this person:

Gotta Tell Someone About It

This isn’t just a generational thing, apparently. Sheetz makes you want to talk about your pee with someone, anyone who’ll listen:

Great Pee Soundtrack

Thinking of peeing at Sheetz in the future? You might be interested to know that someone approves of their soundtrack:

sheetz pee music

A Pee and a Selfie

You know the first thing you do after taking a pee in a public restroom is take a selfie and talk about your new hoodie. Admit it.

sheetz pee hoodie

Experiential Marketing

Maybe the folks at Sheetz can use this good publicity in an upcoming marketing campaign. Let’s face it, there are worse things people can say about your bathrooms:

sheetz pee experience

No Hovering

In the future, when you see posts about people peeing at Sheetz, at least you’ll have this for reference. Isn’t it better knowing how people are peeing at Sheetz? Again, a weird feather in a weird cap for Sheetz and its bathrooms:

Now We’re Intrigued

OK, we’re starting to wonder what’s so special about these facilities that’s literally got people talking. They mention the “T” word:

Make It So

Lots to unpack here but we like the Star Trek reference:

captains log pee

Safe Space

People seem to enjoy the safety of peeing at Sheetz enough to talk about it:

Not Peeing in a BP

Sheetz officially designated as a “safe pee place” …

Pee Bloopers

For some though, peeing at a Sheetz has been an experience to forget but it sounds like they’re own fault.

We have no idea what it means to be “functionally covered in pee” but here it is:

And this one … why tell people this?

We’re Not Alone

This tweet seems to indicate we’re not alone in noticing the amount of Sheetz pee posts:

pee posts sheetz

And the next time you’re at Sheetz and need to pee, at least you know you have someone to talk to about it.

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