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Coal Region Woman’s Day Partially Ruined by McDonald’s Mayo Packet Shortage

mayo packets shamokin mcdonalds

mayo packet mcdonalds tweet

A coal region woman’s day was slightly marred by a hiccup in the food supply chain.

Twitter user @ktiiina says her day wehnt from a “solid 8” to a “5” when she learned of a mayonnaise packet shortage at nearby McDonald’s locations.

Just goes to show that a pretty good day can turn into a meh day just like that (snaps fingers).

She posted this on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon:

“Why is there a shortage on mayo packets at McDonald’s, both Elysburg and shamokin hasn’t had any & it really takes my day from a solid 8 to a 5”

Mayonnaise Packet Shortage at McDonald’s Deflates a Coal Region Woman

It really is the little things in life that have the biggest impact.

So, we get it. This can really be deflating.

What we can’t figure out is … what on the McDonald’s menu requires a side packet of mayo?

Is there not enough on any of the sandwiches that have mayo? The McChicken sandwich is about 1/3 mayonnaise on any given day.

We didn’t even realize they had mayo packets at McDonald’s.

The Arizona alt-rock station 93.3-FM reported once that McDonald’s locations there were flat-out refusing to offer mayo packets at restaurants.

Shamokin and Elysburg are far from Arizona and every McDonald’s is different in what they offer. But Shamokin and Elysburg have to be just as far from Holland (you may know it as the Netherlands).

McDonald’s Mayonnaise Packets – Do They Even Exist?

They only put mayonnaise on their fries in Holland, right? So maybe @ktiiina is Dutch?

YouTube video

Well, we did a little digging and did find out that McDonald’s does, indeed, have mayo packets. Here’s one but you can tell by the logo that it’s not exactly new:

mcdonalds mayo packet

(Image: The Condiment Packet Gallery)

And this Pinterest user clearly enjoys mayonnaise with their McDonald’s Fries:

mcdonalds fries with mayonnaise pinterest

(Image: Pinterest)

This is just anecdotal evidence, of course.

We also saw photos from Europe where they sold McDonald’s branded mayonnaise by the bottle in grocery stores. Wild stuff!

mcdonalds mayo bottles in stores

(Photo: Reddit)

But to find out for sure, we need some expert take. Luckily, Paul Gembicki, who says he was an Assistant Manager of a McDonald’s in Ohio from 1993-95, weighed in on a discussion at

He says, “We had Mayonnaise packets at our store in Ohio. We generally handed them out with the Grilled Chicken sandwich. We had both regular and lite. It was Hellmans. This is not necessarily the same brand that got squirted on the McChickens. That was the stuff in a tube. Still good, though. I was working there when the film Pulp Fiction came out, and we in Ohio had never heard of mayonnaise on french fries, so we tried it. It’s pretty darn good, in fact!”

Coal Region Accent on Mayonnaise

The only mystery left here is how @ktiiina pronounces mayonnaise.

She calls it “mayo” in her emotional tweet Tuesday. But that was in the heat of the moment. In a more formal setting, she might be inclined to call it by its full name, but if she’s from either Elysburg or Shamokin or somewhere in between, that word probably has a more coal region flare.

We’ve heard it called: “man-ays” (emphasis on the short-A sound in man).

Rarely do you hear someone nail it proper, “māəˌnāz” or “māəˈnāz”.

In Holland, it sounds more like “my-oh-nezz-uh”.

Pretty fancy.

Canary Advice

Our advice to @ktiiina is simple: Just keep a couple mayo packets in your pocketbook … ya never know. And what with the supply chains in peril, it could be a while before you see mayo packets at your local McDonald’s again.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ryles

    April 28, 2020 at 7:00 pm

    This smells of a conspiracy. Complainant is using mayo packets as a ruse to justify similar stains in vehicle as a cover to conceal an affair. The old McDonalds packet excuse. Would of saved a lot of taxpayer $$ in the 90’s. Let’s get Alex Jones on the case, fellas.

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