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All Missing Lab Monkeys Found

No more monkeys lurking around Danville.

runaway monkey pennsylvania

All of the missing runaway lab monkeys that escaped a crash scene near Danville on Friday afternoon have been captured.

According to new information from State Police in Milton, there were 3 missing monkeys. And now, all have been found.

On Saturday, State Police updated the public saying 1 of the monkeys that escaped from crates during a crash involving the truck that was transporting them was still uncaptured.

missing monkey pennsylvania

New information on the successful capture of all the monkeys was reported at about 7 p.m. Saturday. Police say there were assisted on the ground and in the air in the search for the missing monkeys.

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All Runaway Lab Monkeys Captured

On Friday afternoon, a truck carrying about 100 lab monkeys crashed with a dump truck on Route 54 near Danville.

Crates carrying the monkeys spilled onto the road and some obviously opened, allowing 3 of the monkeys to run free.

The hunt was then on for the primates. According to a WNEP report Friday night, authorities were able to locate one of the monkeys. A reporter for the station indicated shots of some kind were fired but at the time, it wasn’t reported whether a monkey had been captured.

On Saturday, State Police released photos of the monkeys:

missing lab monkey pennsylvania

In that crash, police say a Dodge Ram 2500 pickup truck was hauling a trailer filled with lab monkeys south on Route 54 in Valley Twp., Montour County. The truck was driven by 59-year-old Daniel Adkins, of Florahome, Florida.

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Near Route 54’s intersection with Interstate 80, just outside Danville, Adkins tried to turn the truck left onto the I-80 West on-ramp but turned in front of a Peterbilt dump truck driven by 29-year-old Tyler Deeghan, of Canton. Deeghan’s truck hit Adkins’ vehicle and knocked the trailer loose from the pickup. A passenger in Adkins’ truck sustained minor injuries and was taken to Geisinger Medical Center in Danville.

Adkins and the dump truck driver were uninjured in the crash.


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