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We’re not experts but we know in order to plow a road, the blade’s gotta be down. Right? Some towns around Schuylkill County could learn that lesson.

These gut-busting snow plow memes poke fun at the people who help get the roads clear after a winter storm … eventually.

All kidding aside, we understand it’s a dangerous job and often times, a thankless one.

If the internet didn’t meme about you, it means we wouldn’t care. But we do.

Still …

The Best Snow Plow Memes

Something about this says Schuylkill County. Must be the Geo Tracker.

snow plow memes

We can see this flying in New Ringgold.

snow plow memes

Still trying to figure out what’s happening in this one. Maybe he’s just waiting for the coal delivery.

snow plow memes

Other places don’t handle snow so well. So next time you think we’re doing a lousy job clearing the roads, consider the less fortunate.

snow plow memes

Speaking of the less fortunate … those poor socialists.

snow plow memes

Apparently, there’s a real political bent to a lot of snow plow memes on the internet. The irony is not in the perverted way of looking at snow plows as a tool akin to the hand of a socialist god. No, it’s that snowflakes are making snow plow memes.

snow plow memes

Yes, snow plows are, on the surface, a public service that could be construed as “social”. BUT, we don’t have snow plows because of socialism. If we were socialists, we’d have to eat the plows somehow. See above … In Russia, snow plows YOU.

snow plow memes

It’s the average American’s ability to amass untold wealth and the promise that they’ll pay what the laws dictate they pay into these social services. The less people work, the less social services we have, like snow plows. If we have no snow plows, we have no snow plow memes.

snow plow memes

Because in America, we also have Chuck Norris.

snow plow memes

Enough political jibber-jabber. Remember when we all just made fun of snow plows?

snow plow memes

Those jerks! Those stores pass those costs on to the customers. They’re very clear about that.

snow plow memes

Yeah … do you remember? Way back to when this snow plow meme was probably made. We have the year 2009 on Line 2, sir.

snow plow memes

But right before we get any more snow plow drivers triggered, best to remind them that we did say we appreciated their work. You know how you have to tell everyone how appreciated they are these days. You’re all our heroes!

snow plow memes

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