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Schuylkill County Man

Schuylkill County Man’s Car Garnished with Eggs and Ketchup

Eggs can cause thousands in damages to your vehicle.

vehicle egged in shenandoah

Do you put ketchup on your eggs? A lot of people do. We’ve heard the Japanese are fond of it.

Well, a Schuylkill County man woke up one recent morning and found the peculiar concoction on his car. And he could be facing a major repair bill as a result.

According to State Police in Frackville, a Shenandoah man woke up Saturday morning to find the breakfast staple and the popular condiment garnishing his Mitsubishi Lancer.

The incident happened on W. Cherry St. in Shenandoah. Police say the car was vandalized with “apparent raw eggs and ketchup” sometime between the evening prior and that Saturday morning.

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Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying a suspect from this incident. Anyone with information is asked to call the Frackville barracks at 570-874-5300.

Eggs and Your Car’s Paint

Before you laugh off this incident, consider the damage eggs cause to a vehicle’s paint. They’re a threat to any painted surface, for that matter, according to information from

Anyone who’s been the victim of an egging surely knows what a problem they can cause. It’s one of the most popular items used in vandalism.

Egg whites and yolks are extremely damaging as they’re acidic. Severe damage to painted surfaces caused by eggs begins almost immediately. And if you’re the victim of an egging, it’s best to get the egg residue off your vehicle as soon possible.

Egg whites stick to your vehicle’s surface. Sanding and repainting is often necessary if it’s not removed quickly. And egg yolks can break through your vehicle’s clear coat and stain the paint.

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Even egg shells can chip the paint’s clear coat. Making things trickier is the fact that wiping eggs off your vehicle could cause more damage.

All this could lead to thousands of dollars in damages if the egg isn’t fully removed.


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