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trump retweets catturd

President Donald Trump retweeted Twitter user Catturd 3 times on Monday night during a string of activity in which he continued to show support for the idea that the 2020 election was fraudulent.

Yes, Catturd.

Actually, it was from the @catturd2 account after the first one was suspended.

Catturd is not just some random joker on Twitter. OK, so maybe they are, but this random joker has nearly 462,000 followers and honestly, is hilarious, if you’re into that sort of thing (#winning, #MAGA, etc.).

Catturd was honored just to be on the President’s reading list.

With Monday’s 3 retweets, that apparently makes 7 times Trump has retweeted Catturd, either 1 or 2.

Trump Retweets Catturd 3 Times About Election Fraud

So, here are the three Catturd tweets the President retweeted on Monday night. Each discusses election fraud in some form so catch them now before they’re deleted or flagged:

The latest Catturd retweet reads: “Rudy Giuliani is presenting a ton of evidence. If you ignore or refuse to look at the mountain of evidence being presented – save your breath barking to us about there being no evidence. You can’t have it both ways.”

Prior to that retweet, Trump shared Catturd’s tweet of a video from Monday’s hearing in Arizona looking into potential voter fraud. That hearing sounded a lot like the one held in Pennsylvania last week.

The Catturd retweet storm started with this one:

“They never thought Trump and We the People would call bullshit and fight back hard. They were wrong,” the retweeted tweet reads.

Twitter suspension watch is already on …


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