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trump i hate this f ing hole cursing golf

The left says Trump is NOT like one of us, no matter how hard he tries. They’re just jealous of his ability to relate to and connect with real Americans.

So, how does the average American making an hourly wage or running a fledgling small business relate to a billionaire?

Through golf.

Trump Lets the Expletives Fly After Dropping Tee Shot in the Water

It turns out, when things don’t go well on the golf course for the President, he’s got the same reaction any red-blooded American would have.

He lets the expletives fly.

And rather than blaming himself, he takes his rage out on the course. It’s his own course, of course.

On Thanksgiving, Trump was getting 18 holes in on his course in Virginia and he flubbed a tee shot.

“Ahhh sh**!” the President yelled out.

After watching his ball sink in a water hazard, he blamed exactly what needed to be blamed, the hole.

“I hate this fu**ing hole,” Trump muttered, much to the delight of those looking on.

Here’s video of him picking up a penalty stroke:

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