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kamala harris space video

On Saturday, the man who played Capt. Kirk on Star Trek, William Shatner, actually went into space in real life.

We can’t confirm that Shatner encountered another famous space cadet during his brief aerial trip, our Vice President Kamala Harris.

And while we can’t confirm they met, we can definitely confirm Harris is a bona fide space cadet.

America learned that recently when Harris appeared in videos with child actors talking about her alleged fascination with space, specifically the craters on the moon.

The video was part of a series from NASA for National Space Week. According to several reports, the creepy-titled segment called “Get Curious with the Vice President” was recorded in August. The segment shows Harris with a group of children talking about space.

Harris is chair of the National Space Council.

Everyone is Mocking the Kamala Harris Space Video

Now, we say Harris’s alleged fascination with space because very little about her seems real.

And in this space video, she appears faker than we’ve ever seen (or heard) her.

She’s not the only fake in the video either. According to a New York Post report, the children who appear in the Get Curious with the Vice President are children but the only reason they decided to get curious with Harris is because they were paid child actors.

You should expect nothing less than this phony baloney Vice President.

In the video, Harris phonily tells the kids how fascinated she is with space. She gets lost in the “design” of a telescope. Harris is shown looking at the sun through telescope but for some reason, starts talking about how small Earth is at the same time.

Then, she starts talking about the moon. For some reason, the craters on the moon really capture Harris’ imagination. She keeps telling the kids how exciting it is to see the craters on the moon.

The kids get excited about it, too, but they were paid to pretend to be interested.

Here’s just a clip of the video, just so you know we’re not making this up …

And before you watch the full video, if you can stomach it, ask yourself:

  • What’s she on? And where can I get some of it?
  • Why is she talking like that? She’s talking to these kids like they’re 5 years old when they’re clearly not.
  • How did we get here (as a country)?
  • When will this end?

Here’s the full Get Curious with the Vice President video:

Now ask yourself …

What did I just watch?

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