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blm rioter hit in testicles with rubber bullet

Some call them testes. For others, they’re the testicles.

You many know them as the nuts or family jewels or balls.

Whatever you call them, that’s where a rubber bullet fired by police during the Lancaster riot on Sunday hit a protester.

Lancaster Protestor Shot in Testicles During Black Lives Matter Riot

Like, you can almost hear the rubber ball hit the other ball. You can definitely see a smoke trail following the rubber bullet just before it makes impact in the protestor’s impact zone.

Did you hear the riot cops screaming at him to get back? We thought we heard them say …

Now, we’re trying to be civil here because it’s not funny that someone likely was seriously injured in this incident but when you play stupid games, sometimes you win stupid prizes.

And this may be the stupidest prize of all.

Maybe we’d feel badly for the recently sack tapped had he not been out protesting the shooting of a man who’d previously stabbed 4 people in 2019 and had the cops called on him by his own mother earlier in the day Sunday because he had a knife and losing it at her home.

If you’re going to “take one for the team” as he did, at least make it a just cause.

There’s also a chance this rioter took to the streets because he believed Lancaster Police shot an unarmed autistic teenager and not a 20-something low-life as they did.

The unarmed autistic boy false narrative was spread almost as quickly as news of the actual shooting. And many people believed it to be true.


One response to BLM Rioter Gets Shot with Rubber Bullet Squarely in the Testes

  1. gepaza September 16th, 2020 at 10:29 am

    A couple of thoughts:

    Are you guilty of spreading fake news by claiming it’s not funny?

    The only un-funny part is that the idiot probably was not able to carry his newly acquired 75″ TV home from the Free Stuff Peaceful Demonstration.

    An added advantage for the idiot is that transgender surgery will be cheaper now.


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