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A Schuylkill County woman recently got caught shoplifting. And her friends are probably going to be buzzing her about it for a while.

According to State Police in Schuylkill Haven, 30-year-old Harley Grenfell, of Ringtown, was busted at the Adult Shop 61 near Cressona (North Manheim Township) back on July 2.

Schuylkill County Woman Busted Stealing Sex Toy

Police say the incident happened shortly before 10 p.m. early last month at the sex toy shop along Route 61 South.

Grenfell allegedly removed the security mechanism from the sex toy she wanted to steal. She hid the toy in her hand and then walked out of the shop with it concealed … in her hand.

Police say the sex toy is valued at $89.99. Grenfell faces a retail theft charge filed before District Judge James Ferrier in Orwigsburg.

No details were given on the item stolen, so you’ll have to use your own sleuthing skills to determine what it was. It’s quite the riddle.

schuylkill county woman steals adult toy

The story is certainly causing quite the buzz around the coal region now.

The police report filed by the trooper at the Schuylkill Haven barracks lacks the color of a police report filed earlier this year for a man in Susquehanna County.

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  1. Geralynn matta August 2nd, 2020 at 2:16 am

    She though she was slick trying to steal that D##K 😆


    • Geralynn Matta August 2nd, 2020 at 11:23 am

      A bird in hand is not in this case worth more than two in the bush 😆


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