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A protest and riot broke out in Lancaster Sunday following an incident in which a city police officer shot and killed a man who attacked him with a knife.

Of course, that’s not the spin Black Lives Matter supporters put on the incident and in lying about it, sparked a violent riot.

Lancaster Riot Follows Police Shooting

Here’s the body cam footage released right after the shooting incident:

In the video, you can clearly see a Lancaster Police officer responding to a call from a residence. As he gets near the door, a man armed with a knife emerges from the front door.

That man, Ricardo Munoz, just had the cops called on him for an ongoing incident inside the residence where police responded. It’s the same Ricardo Munoz who stabbed 4 people in Lancaster, including 1 child, back in March 2019. He was sentenced to up to 6 years in prison but released before serving 1 year.

Spotting the knife held by the charging man, the police officer retreats. But the suspect in this incident continued to pursue the officer, holding the knife above his head. That’s when the officer turns around and fires his gun several times, dropping the suspect to the ground.

But apparently, that’s the bot perspective of this incident.

Ricardo Munoz, the Unarmed Autistic Victim

Instead of reporting that which is clear as day in the body cam footage, we should have said that Lancaster Police shot an unarmed autistic person and then let his body uncovered on the street for several hours.

That’s what Black Lives Matter and its sympathizers want you to believe happened.

Shortly after the incident was first reported, BLM and its supporters started spreading a false narrative that Munoz was autistic and unarmed.

lancaster autism blm

The autistic part hasn’t been proven and clearly, he was not unarmed.

Here’s a tweet from someone in the Lancaster area recalling a conversation that never happened:

Oh, they’re also saying he’s 14. Munoz is 28.

This tweet got more than 11,000 likes and it’s all a lie. Of course, Twitter forgot to fact-check it:

But who needs facts when you have all the ingredients for yet another street riot?

And riot they did.

Here’s a video shared by independent reporter Andy Ngo, a favorite of ours here at The Canary. It shows rioters pounding on the windows of the Lancaster police station.

No Justice, No Peace, No Truth

Here are some BLM protesters in Lancaster reacting to this big lie promising there will be no peace there tonight.

This moron tells WGAL-TV the same lie he obviously read on the internet.

Here’s video of the rioters throwing bricks at the Lancaster police station.

The set up barricades in the middle of city streets and eventually started fires and smashed the windows of businesses.

Though things quieted down considerably as the night continued, reports suggest the riots will resume on Monday.



One response to Lancaster Riot Erupts When BLM Lies About Officer-Involved Shooting

  1. Izzy Munoz September 17th, 2020 at 2:52 pm

    I support BLM, I also support most police officers. However, screw you if you’re lunging at ANYBODY with a knife! I don’t care what your mental, psychiatric or developmental issues are, you are a clear threat and danger to others, expect to get hurt or killed. No officer is gonna stand there and wonder if the poor fool has mental or developmental problems. Officer did what I would have done. Only thing that pisses me off more is that he has had my family surname but thankfully not related to us.


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