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deborah twigg schuylkill county hr resigns

Schuylkill County’s Human Resources director has quit her job.

Sources tell The Canary Deborah Twigg announced her resignation on Friday.

Schuylkill County HR Director Resigns Amid Halcovage Saga

Details on what led to Twigg’s resignation are not immediately available.

However, Twigg played an integral role in the investigation surrounding alleged misconduct by Schuylkill County Commissioner George Halcovage.

When the first County employees came forward with accusations against the then-Commissioners chairman Halcovage, they came to Twigg. That happened back in late-May.

Several Courthouse employees alleged Halcovage violated a number of workplace policies, including sexual harassment and verbal abuse.

At that time, one of the employees informed Twigg that she’d obtained a lawyer.

Twigg then went to Schuylkill County Administrator Gary Bender who instructed Twigg to conduct an internal investigation, including an initial round of interviews with the accusers. She also notifies Halcovage of the accusations against him.

Following that first round of interviews with the accusers, Bender told Twigg to conduct the rest of the interviews as part of the investigation with First Assistant County Solicitor Glenn Roth.

Twigg was also instructed to make sure Halcovage didn’t have contact with the accusing employees while in the Courthouse and to make sure “they felt comfortable in the workplace,” according to Roth’s final determination which found Halcovage likely did violate those workplace policies.

But before that, Twigg had to help the County conclude its investigation. That included two rounds of interviews with Halcovage. The first, on June 10, came after the Commissioner informed Twigg that he’d retained an attorney to fight back against the allegations.

On June 16, Twigg conducted an interview with the employee making the “most serious” of the allegations against Halcovage and her attorney. Then, a week later, Twigg is joined by Roth to conduct a follow-up with Halcovage and his attorney regarding the most serious allegations made by the County employee.

Post-Investigation Workplace

Since the County wrapped up its investigation and determined Halcovage did violate those policies, Twigg had a role in maintaining order within the Courthouse walls.

We’ve learned that Halcovage is allegedly confined to his office at the Courthouse. However, those speaking on behalf of the accusers say Halcovage is still allowed to walk the halls at work. And they say that two of the accusing employees have refused to come to work because they don’t feel safe being in the same building as the Commissioner.

Halcovage continues to deny the allegations against him while his critics continue to call for his resignation.

Twigg was hired as HR Director for Schuylkill County in January 2018.


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    If he violated policies then he needs to go. Stop posing for golf tourney pics!


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