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Schuylkill County Me Too

Hess Says Halcovage Should Consider Stepping Down as Schuylkill County Commissioner

gary hess on halcovage

The other two Schuylkill County Commissioners weighed in on the allegations against Chairman George Halcovage.

Soon after hearing the results of Schuylkill County Solicitor Glenn Roth’s investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination against Halcovage, Commissioners Gary Hess and Boots Hetherington chimed in with their two cents.

Gary Hess Says Schuylkill Commissioner Halcovage Should Consider Stepping Down

gary hess on halcovage

On Tuesday, the Solicitor’s Office released the details of its investigation of workplace complaints filed against Halcovage. Roth says “it is apparent … Halcovage violated” the following workplace policies at Schuylkill County Courthouse:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Conduct and Disciplinary Action
  • Physical and Verbal Abuse

One of the several employees making allegations against Halcovage is threatening a lawsuit against the County and has secured at attorney to represent her.

Tuesday’s report clearly shook Halcovage’s closest colleagues in the Courthouse.

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Democrat Commissioner Gary Hess told WNEP-TV he thinks Halcovage should consider stepping down from his position.

“If he was in management, he would be terminated. And actually, he should look at those allegations and possibly step down himself,” Hess told WNEP’s Peggy Lee on Tuesday.

Hetherington, a Republican who was appointed to office following the sudden death of Commissioner Frank Staudenmeier earlier this year, said he needed to “wait and see what happens here.”

Boots did tell WNEP that he “would never tolerate any type of harassment, especially against women.”

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The Next Step

Now that the investigation within the Courthouse is complete, the ball is essentially in Halcovage’s court.

He definitely could resign. However, he denied these allegations when news of the investigation first surfaced last Friday.

He could continue showing up for work, too. Until any court proceedings were to happen where Halcovage could be found criminally guilty of these alleged acts. If he were to be found guilty of a criminal act, Halcovage could be removed from office.

If neither of those happen, the other option is impeachment. However, that would require a process that starts in the state legislature as county administrators can not discipline themselves.

The Schuylkill County Commissioners have a work session planned for Wednesday morning at the Courthouse.

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