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Halcovage Accusers Talk to TV Media Before Wednesday’s Commissioners Meeting

mary beth dougherty accuser george halcovage schuylkill county

** CLARIFICATION: WNEP may have gotten some things a little confused with this report we’re referencing. To be clear, we’ve been told, the two women quoted in the WNEP report below are not part of the current investigation into Halcovage. Article has been updated to reflect that these two women are not part of the current investigation, per our sources. **

Two accusers in the scandal surrounding Schuylkill County Commissioner George Halcovage stepped forward Tuesday to tell at least part of their story to the television media.

WNEP-TV reported Tuesday from outside the Schuylkill County Courthouse talking to two alleged victims of Halcovage’s workplace abuse. However, these two alleged victims were not part of the current investigation into Halcovage.

These tell-alls came to light just 12 hours before Wednesday’s regularly scheduled Commissioners meeting at the Courthouse. It’ll be the first meeting of this current administration where Halcovage isn’t Chairman. At last Wednesday’s work session meeting, Halcovage gave up chair of the Commissioners and got replaced by Boots Hetherington.

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Halcovage Accusers Speak to WNEP

mary beth dougherty accuser george halcovage schuylkill county

The two accusers who came forward to the TV news were Mary Beth Dougherty, an employee of State Sen. Dave Argall’s office, and former Schuylkill County Detective Dolly Malec.

Each, with their attorney, former Schuylkill County District Attorney Christine Holman, told WNEP’s Peggy Lee that Halcovage screamed at them on separate occasions.

The Bomb Threat

In October 2014, Mallec – who spoke out at last week’s Schuylkill Commissioners work session meeting and called Halcovage “King George” – said her incident with him came when she investigated a bomb threat at the Courthouse.

Mallec said her investigation included Halcovage.

She said, “He got extremely angry when I mentioned that he may know who the person was or it could have been something he did to upset someone.”

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Halcovage didn’t like that, according to Mallec’s story.

“He started screaming at me and said, ‘I’m sick of this’,” Halcovage allegedly said.

Last week, Mallec told Commissioners and the public that Halcovage was demeaning when dealing with her.

“He talked to me like I wasn’t worth anything because I am a woman,” Mallec said last week. “He will make your life a living hell.”

The Elevator Incident

Less than 2 years later, in January 2016, is when Dougherty say she had her run-in with a screaming Halcovage.

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The two were in an elevator at Schuylkill County Courthouse. Dougherty says Halcovage was giving her a rundown over an email she’d sent that he didn’t like, she told Lee.

When the elevator stopped, Halcovage allegedly acted out.

“He turned around and put his foot (stomping ground) … no doubt about it to block the elevator door and put his arm across to block me from having access to an exit,” Dougherty said Tuesday.

Dougherty added that she was shocked at what was happening.

“Ya know, this is a County Commissioner. I stood there and I thought, ‘I don’t believe this is happening to me’.”

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Halcovage Denies

Halcovage denies wrongdoing on current allegations and has indicated he’ll fight any accusations in court, should it come to that. He’s ignored several calls for him to resign as Schuylkill County Commissioner.

Malec and Dougherty are talking about older run-ins with Halcovage at the Courthouse.

In a statement issued by Schuylkill County Solicitor Glenn Roth, it’s noted that the allegations that brought this issue to light happened this year and presumably did not include Malec or Dougherty.

WNEP Video

Check out the story as it appeared on the air Tuesday night on WNEP-TV:

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  1. Pingback: 65% of Canary Readers Think Halcovage Should Resign as Commissioner - Coal Region Canary

  2. EndSchCoCourthouseIncompetence

    July 8, 2020 at 1:58 pm

    Ok so Halcovage got angry with and yelled at two women on two separate occasions, 4 and 6 years ago?????!!!! Are you for real!?!? Maybe Mallec’s remarks to the Commissioner about his knowledge of someone who called in a bomb threat was very inappropriate (sounds to me that a “county detective” would know better than to speak off-the-cuff regarding an investigation, hmmm?). I’d love to know why she has retained a lawyer and why she is attempting to ruin a man’s reputation and career because she was reprimanded at her job 6 years ago!!!!

    And maybe Dougherty was “shocked” to have the Commissioner criticize her about her work??? Maybe Dougherty is exaggerating the incident because she is pissed that she was reprimanded for this email she sent??? This woman also retained a lawyer and is trying to ruin a man’s reputation & career over being yelled at 4 years ago??? This is ludicrous!

    These women are probably incompetent and obviously lack professionalism (two things that you see a lot of when dealing with Schuylkill County Courthouse employees). I hope Halcovage prevails over these crazy wackos and if nothing else, these ridiculous women have their credibility and reputations drug through the mud all over social media!!!!

    • Canary Commenter

      July 8, 2020 at 2:05 pm

      Interesting argument here, certainly. For the record, this article quoted information in the WNEP report. Technically, it wasn’t Malec’s first public comments about it either. Last week, she spoke before the Commissioners at their work session meeting.
      Malec and Dougherty are referencing older alleged incidents involving Halcovage. The Solicitors report from Schuylkill County indicated the allegations currently being pressed do not involve these two women, at least that’s what we’re told.

  3. Not a George Fan

    July 8, 2020 at 4:11 pm

    First off, I’m not a big fan of Halcovage. I think he is a phony narcissist and is nowhere near as good a person as he attempts to portray to the public. HOWEVER, to go public with being yelled at??? Four to six years ago??? Really??? And they’ve obtained an attorney. So I guess we know what their motivation is in coming forward with their “traumatic” experiences. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    • PTFloridians

      July 10, 2020 at 7:56 am

      Maria Casey reminds me of Christina Ballsey Ford…the goofy dimwit with the goofy dimwit voice, that was triggered by Kavanaugh getting nominated to SCOTUS…where’d that hot air machine end up?

  4. HistorianDave

    July 9, 2020 at 11:13 pm

    Why is it that this smells like a political hit job?

    • Canary Commenter

      July 10, 2020 at 12:25 am

      Simple. It comes from the Courthouse.

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