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toilet paper shortage rules

The GIANT supermarket at the Cressona Mall is once again restricting how many rolls of toilet paper and paper towels customers can buy.

If they haven’t already, retailers across Schuylkill County are likely to follow suit as a toilet paper shortage joins a growing list of other product shortages crippling stores across the country.

When we visited the GIANT on Monday, we noticed nearly empty shelves of paper towels and a thinning supply of toilet paper, too.

Toilet Paper Shortage 2021 Hits Schuylkill County Store Shelves

toilet paper shortage giant cressona mall (1)

Right now, GIANT customers can only buy 1 six-pack or more of toilet paper and paper towels. Single rolls and smaller packs of toilet paper and paper towels are limited to a total of 4 per household.

These scenes are reminiscent of the early days of the COVID pandemic in the Spring of 2020 when shoppers were cramming into supermarkets and other stores looking for rolls of TP and paper towels.

Thankfully, we never saw any of the madness that others in different parts of the country and world experienced when it came to the toilet paper shortage last year. Surely, everyone has seen videos of fights breaking out over the last few packs of toilet paper.

Toilet paper is not the only thing in short supply at stores right now either. We also noticed a dearth of pet food at the store but that’s been happening for months now.

It’s likely to continue, at least in the near future.

A leading retail expert warned in an interview with Fox Business recently that product shortages in a wide range of items is likely to look a lot like 2020 very soon. Burt Flickinger told Maria Bartiromo that only 60% of paper orders were shipped in the last week.

Other items that already have or are expected to be in short supply include:

  • Pet food
  • Chicken wings
  • New vehicles
  • Canned drinks
  • Hot sauce



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