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How Much TP Do You Need? Use a Toilet Paper Calculator

toilet paper calculator

More than 2 weeks after people in Schuylkill County started panic buying toilet paper, people have been screaming to only buy what you need. But how do you know how much toilet paper you really need?

panic buying walmart saint clair pa coronavirus

Thanks to the internet, math, and people with a little too much time on their hands, there are numerous toilet paper calculators to help you figure out how much toilet paper (or toilet tissue) you really need.

So, next time you’re brave enough to enter the toilet paper aisle and someone accuses you of stockpiling or hoarding, tell them math is on your side.

The Best Toilet Paper Calculators on the Internet

That’s right. There are numerous toilet paper calculators from which to choose. So, let’s break down some of the top choices:

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COVID-19 Toilet Paper Calculator (

The first toilet tissue calculator on our list really expects users to know how many sheets are used per visit. It comes from the minds at

toilet paper calculator bons io

It requires the following information to work properly:

  • Toilet visits per day
  • Sheets per roll
  • Sheets used per visit

Head over here to determine your needs: How much Toilet Paper do you really need?

Toilet Paper Calculator (Omni Calculator)

The TP calculator at Omni Calculator seems to have more an eco-friendly bent to it. The results tell you how many gallons of water and pounds of wood are needed to meet your behind’s demands.

toilet paper calculator omni calculator

But this calculator is a little more sophisticated. In addition to telling you how much toilet paper you need, it’ll also reveal how long your current stash will last. And it bases results on the amount of people in your household.

Check out this calculator at: Omni Calculator

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How Much Toilet Paper? (

While one of our options says it’s for the coronavirus pandemic, this one addresses your toilet tissue situation in real terms.

Just tell this calculator how many rolls you currently have and how many times you visit the facility on a daily basis.

how much toilet paper 1

But then this one gets a little weird … or oddly specific.

Simply learning how long your supply will last is one thing. But knowing how much TP you have and how long it’ll last through your quarantine is next-level knowledge. Unfortunately, to learn this, you’ll have to calculate some personal toilet behavior.

how much toilet paper 2

With the following information, you’ll get to know if your toilet tissue stockpile will last through your quarantine period:

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  • Average number of wipes
  • Sheets per wipe
  • Sheets on a roll
  • People in your household
  • Length of quarantine

If you’ve got this data, head over to: How Much Toilet Paper


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  1. Jacqui Barroso

    March 31, 2020 at 9:27 pm

    I saw another one out there called that adds a little bit of humor to it all. The result response changes based on if your going to run short on supply, if you have enough, or if you have too much (boarderline hoarding).

    Check it out

    • admin

      March 31, 2020 at 10:34 pm

      Awesome! Just found out we’re gonna make it … but don’t anyone get any ideas. We’re, like, armed or something 😉

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