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National Toilet Paper Day 2020: No Square to Spare

national toilet paper day

national toilet paper day

August 26th is National Toilet Paper Day.

Yes, it really is. Look it up.

And 2020, really, has been the year of toilet paper.

National Toilet Paper Day – August 26th

Earlier this year, people came to blows in stores around the world over the last roll of TP.

YouTube video

Even here, people were getting a bit like Elaine in the “Spare a Square” episode of Seinfeld:

elaine spare a square

The folks who run the Schuylkill County Police Activity page on Facebook captured this video of the toilet paper scene at Walmart at the height of the pandemic panic.

When we got to Walmart, we got lucky:


And there are days here where the Giant still looks like it did back in March:

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The panic buying of toilet paper in 2020 even inspired the dawn of the toilet paper calculator. How much do you have and how long will it last?

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But the savvy Schuylkill County shoppers soon realized, if you were willing to sacrifice a little bit on the quality of toilet paper just to avoid the crowds at the big box stores, your local mom-and-pop shops likely had a few rolls to sell you.

READ: Small Local Stores Offer Relief from Toilet Paper Panic Buyers

Yeah, at the height of all the craziness this year, if you weren’t lucky or savvy in your shopping habits, there wasn’t a spare to square.

YouTube video


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Geralynn Matta

    August 26, 2020 at 7:50 pm

    Germany-swinecoff wo ist your brain? Aussies-mate give me that paper now for my down unders or your going to look like a shrimp on the Barbie.America- I never thought of prepping so I must take it all now. Human nature did we actually leave our caves?😆 😆

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