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Coal Region 2020 – The Year in Weird Schuylkill County

They say we’re a little strange here in Schuylkill County.

Well, things got a little weird here in 2020. Blame it on the virus. Blame it on the tap water. Blame it on the rain, for all we care.

Here’s a look at the truly strange stories that made headlines in the year 2020.

Strange Schuylkill County Headlines in the Year 2020

Some of these stories were just truly bizarre.

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The Story About a Man and His Horse

This was truly the strangest of the strange stories in 2020 here in Schuylkill County …

So, back in May, a Brockton man was riding his horse and the horse relieved itself. The horse happened to make his deposit in front of the house of another person who wasn’t very happy about it.

The two men argued about the horse pile. So, the horseman decided to pick up the horse refuse and dump it in a nearby field.

That wasn’t good enough, apparently, and then the magic happened:

Schuylkill County Shoppers Keep Finding “LIES” Message at the Store

One of the most trafficked stories on The Canary during 2020 was truly bizarre.

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In fact, we keep getting messages about this story.

We first heard about the “LIES” slip of paper from our buddy over there at Then two readers reached out to us to discuss what they’d found: a small slip of paper in products they’d purchased at a grocery store.

Since then, we’ve heard from more than a hundred people (probably more, we lost count) who’ve found this disturbing message inside random items at stores or in the weirdest places in public. It’s moved well beyond just Schuylkill County, too. We still have no idea what it means and apparently, there’s an updated version of it:

Local Man Spots UFO Above Pottsville

So, we needed a break from the COVID news back in April – boy, did we have no idea what was coming – and spotted a tweet from a Pottsville man who swears he saw a UFO in the sky above Pottsville.

We soon learned that it wasn’t the first time. And honestly, we are kinda bummed we didn’t get taken along for a ride, at least for about 7-8 months or so:

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Coal Region Woman’s Day Ruined by Lack of Mayo Packets at McDonald’s

We took another tweet probably a little too far.

A coal region woman was complaining about the lack of mayo packets at McDonald’s one day back in the Spring. And we wondered if McDonald’s even had mayo packets:

Man Flings Poo at Police

As we wrap up our weird headlines roundup for the year 2020, let’s take a trip back to January.

That’s when a Pottsville man found himself in police custody. Police said he set fire to his own home on W. Arch St. in the city.

Well, he wasn’t happy about it and decided to let police know by flinging his own poo at them:

Porch Pirate Turns Into Pudding Pirate

Another weird crime story in 2020 happened out in Tamaqua.

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That’s where a would-be porch pirate attempted to plunder someone’s package from in front of their house. But somehow, he ended up covered in chocolate pudding!

Peanut Butter Cup Bandit

Our final weird story for 2020 happened down in Orwigsburg. That’s where a home invader was busted inside the home he’d broken into. When police found him, the guy was snacking on peanut butter cups.

You keep staying weird, Schuylkill County!

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