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WARNING: We say bad words in this story.

Here’s a story about a man and his horse. It comes to us via a report from State Police in Frackville.

horse shit fight

William Kellet, a 59-year-old man from Brockton, was riding his horse along Valley Street on Thursday, just before 3 p.m.

The unidentified horse stopped and took a crap on the street. That crap plopped on Valley Street right in front of a house owned by Joseph Leskin, 69, also of Brockton.

Leskin did not appreciate Kellet’s horse from taking (or leaving) a dump in front of his house and confronted Kellet about it.

The two men started jawing at each other. Presumably, Leskin said something to the effect of, “Get your horse shit outta here.” 

So, while they were arguing with each other, Kellet started cleaning up the horse crap. Kellet, with his horse, took the horse shit to a nearby field to dump it.

Then the Shit Hit the Fan

Apparently, that wasn’t good enough for Leskin. According to a report from State Police in Frackville, Leskin then followed Kellet and his horse into the field where he was dumping his horse shit.

But Leskin followed Kellet and his horse in a Kubota vehicle.

Once the Kubota-propelled Leskin reached Kellet and his horse, things got physical.

Leskin popped Kellet in the face while he was holding his horse and his dog.

Wait … actually, never mind. We have no idea where the dog came from in this story.

Kellet and Leskin each ended up on the ground. Kellet, police say, suffered the worst from the fight. He suffered a laceration to his neck and a swollen eye. Leskin had an abrasion on his hand and wrist.

Charges Filed

Police, so far, have filed summary harassment charges against Kellet. According to a court records search, charges have not yet been filed against Leskin.


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