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Coal Region 2020 – The Year in Schuylkill County Nudity

top schuylkill county nudity stories 2020

top schuylkill county nudity stories 2020

There seemed to be an inordinate number of Schuylkill County news stories in the year 2020 that involved people in various stages of undress.

In many of them, people were completely naked for one reason or another.

Some are bizarre. Others were just deviant.

The Year in Schuylkill County Nudity 2020

Regardless of the reasons why, here’s a look at our top news stories in 2020 involving someone being partially or completely nude.

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Naked Man Dies Following Struggle with Police

We’re not sure what led to Adam Gamrak’s struggles earlier this year, but when police arrived at his home in February, they encountered a naked man – save for a sock around his … – acting erratically.

Gamrak and State Police got involved in a “lengthy struggle” in which several were injured, including Gamrak. He was taken to the hospital and died there a short time later.

Babysitter Drunk on Four Loko Lets Naked Toddler Roam New Philly

We saw several stories involving Schuylkill County residents blitzed on Four Loko.

However, back in January, a babysitter in New Philadelphia got so smashed on the adult beverage that she lost track of the child she was minding and let them roam free and naked in the borough.

Read our story about that incident:

Schuylkill County Man Took It Out in Local Business

It was a tough year to run a business in Schuylkill County (or anywhere, for that matter) but one Pine Grove business owner had a day they’d like to forget back in June.

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While he was awaiting some kind of service, a person by the name of Jamie Koch apparently got bored and started watching some porn videos on his phone. He cranked up the volume on his phone so other patrons could hear what he was watching.

Koch then allegedly started making some vulgar remarks to the business owner before going to the bathroom inside the business. When the owner went to get him to tell him to leave, Koch allegedly flashed the woman, showing her what he’s made of.

Check out our story on that incident, including what some members of the public had to say about it:

Pine Grove Man Took Photos of Others While He Was Naked

Police were trying to figure out back in late October why a Pine Grove man was taking photos of others while he was naked.

We were trying to figure out the same thing.

Also, what’s with Pine Grove and the nudity?

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KY Jelly, Ben Gay, Bacon Stolen from Pine Grove Grocery Store

Seriously, Pine Grove … keep your pants on.

This story didn’t involve nudity directly but it sounds like that’s where it was headed.

The BG’s store in Pine Grove was robbed late this year and the perps tried getting away with, among other things, some KY Jelly, Bengay, and a pack of bacon:

Auburn Man Being Blackmailed Over Video

Just this week, we learned that an Auburn man says he’s being blackmailed over a video that purportedly shows him masturbating. The person in possession of the video wants $2,000 or they’ll release the video to the public.

Sex Toy Theft Investigated

Earlier this year, a woman was busted trying to steal an unknown pleasure aid from the adult shop along Route 61 outside Pottsville.

Though police did not disclose what exactly the woman tried to steal, we put the pieces together and pretty much figured out what it was:

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Police Find Man Wandering in Just His Boxers at Cressona Mall

Lots of interesting, bizarre things happened at the Cressona Mall in the year 2020. In fact, if the year 2020 were a shopping mall, it’d most definitely be the Cressona Mall.

Well, back in August, shoppers there spotted a man wandering around the parking lot wearing just his boxer shorts:

Naked Man Crashes Into Shendo Heights Hosey

If you’re going to steal a vehicle and eventually crash it into a hosey building, there’s only one way to do it. That’s right, naked!

And that’s exactly how police found one man earlier this year after he’d stolen a vehicle, drove it around Shenandoah Heights and eventually crashed it into a firehouse.

Schuylkill County Man Hid Drugs Where the Sun Don’t Shine

No, this story didn’t involve nudity directly. But from what we’ve learned of the perp, apparently he needed help getting the drugs he was trying to hide in a spot that only police would have to look.

Believe it or not, there were stranger stories that happened in Schuylkill County during the year 2020. It’s just that these stories involved naked (or partially naked) people.


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