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quads vs dirt bikes

We recently came across a police report telling of an incident in which a Tower City man allegedly stole a quad right from under a Pine Grove man’s nose.

No update on the case has been provided but it got us wondering: Does anyone ride dirt bikes anymore?

Quads are everywhere. Every weekend, Schuylkill County is swarmed by teams of off-road riders, but they’re all riding quads.

Whatever happened to The Dirt Bike Kid?

So, for this Canary Reader Survey question, we want to know, if you could only choose one, which would it be? A quad or a dirt bike?

Canary Reader Survey: Quads or Dirt Bikes?

Quads vs. Dirt Bikes

If you could only choose one and had to choose, which would it be: quads or dirt bikes?

Dirt bikes

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One response to [POLL QUESTION] Quads or Dirt Bikes?

  1. Rob October 10th, 2020 at 12:58 pm

    I definitely see more bikes than quads in my area. One reason is quads are much less capable where I am in Pottsville due to most trails between here and Reading Anthracite recreational areas not being wide enough for 4 wheels as well as access points being blocked by large boulders which can (sometimes) deter or stop a quad from getting through but almost nothing stops a decent rider on a bike. If a bike can’t go over it it can go around it. That’s not always the case on 4 wheels.


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