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Last week, we reported on Schuylkill County Coroner Dr. David Moylan saying he wouldn’t hesitate to take hydroxychloroquine if he became infected with COVID-19.

Moylan even said his wife, Dr. Denise Moylan, a pulmonary specialist, wrote a letter to President Donald Trump advocating for the drug.

But since Trump suggested it might be an effective treatment for the disease that’s brought the world to a halt, the mainstream media has worked overtime to suggest it’s not only an ineffective drug but even potentially dangerous.

Would You Take Hydroxychloroquine?

Truth is, the most common side effect of taking hydroxychloroquine is an upset stomach. And its list of side effects – after being on the market for decades – pales in comparison to more contemporary drugs.

Again, since Trump said something about the drug and the media’s tried to discredit him and the drug ever since, the people who believe every word they say so long as it counters what Trump said now seem vehemently opposed to its use … even if doctors say it works.

So, in our latest Canary Reader Survey question, we want to know: If your doctor prescribed you hydroxychloroquine to treat a COVID-19 infection, would you take their advice? Or would you use your own medical opinion – swayed by people who don’t even know you – and seek a second opinion and tell your doctor you don’t want to take the drug?

Let us know in our latest poll question:

If Your Doctor Told You to Take Hydroxychloroqine for COVID-19, Would You?


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