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Local Couple’s Funny Engagement Photos Going Viral

funny engagement photos

A series of uproariously funny engagement photos is going viral!

And the photos are from right here in Schuylkill County.

Funny Engagement Photos

They first got posted on the Stesha Whitney Photography page on Facebook. The photos feature a man-and-woman couple out in the woods, obviously somewhere local.

They’re decked out in their best field camo outfits. As a lot of people might say … it’s very Schuylkill County.

But what’s got everyone agog is the reversed roles … or is it what’s happening in the photos … or is it just the camo?

Who knows? We think they’re hilarious!

funny engagement photo

(Photo: Stesha Whitney Photography/Facebook)

The post got more than 150 positive reactions on the original Facebook page. But it’s this tweet that’s spreading the photos around the world.

It’s got more than 60 retweets and almost 500 likes.

The reactions there were more Twitter-like. One person writes, “I threw up.”

Another says, “Nooooooo.”

We like how one person analyzed how much each person got into the role for the photo shoot:

Stesha Whitney Photography

We have no idea who Stesha Whitney is and they’re not an advertiser. But we checked out their site and they’ve got some really creative shots for some very traditional moments like engagement and wedding photos. Check out their site.


This is one of a growing set of posts highlighting observations people make about Schuylkill County on social media. Whenever possible, we attempt to connect these internet hot takes with the real world. We call it #ThisIsSchuylkillCounty.

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