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pottsville walking around talking to themselves

Twitter user @mayabergerx asks a question many ask these days.

Why are there so many people walking around Pottsville’s downtown talking to themselves? In fact, it’s not just Pottsville.

We’ve seen people wondering this same thing in other Schuylkill County communities, too. Just go to any of the numerous “Nosey” groups on Facebook and you’ll see people talking about or posting photos of people milling around town, seemingly without a care in the world, talking to themselves.

Sometimes, the conversations are rather colorful, even if they’re conversations involving just one person.

We know why these people are doing this and we honestly hope those people get the help they need. It’s really only a “problem” when they violate private property or intend to hurt anyone.

Is It Out Loud or Aloud?

This tweet from our #ThisIsSchuylkillCounty series raises another important question: Is it out loud or aloud?

In school, you probably heard or read the word “aloud” even if it was pronounced “out loud”.

Everyone knows what each means. Each phrase means the same thing and as it turns out, as time goes by, neither is considered incorrect.

Aloud, according to the site, is the more formal use. That’s why you probably heard it in school. But on the street or talking among friends, you hear it as “out loud” instead.

Language changes over time. And the “rules” are permitted to change. If they weren’t, we’d still be talking to each other as if we were living in the Shakespeare era. So, there’s technically nothing wrong with using the phrase “out loud” in place of “aloud” in writing or conversation.

For example, you’d never hear anyone say, “For crying aloud!”

That’s ridiculous.

And could you imagine LOL (laughing out loud) not being LOL? LA (laughing aloud) just doesn’t seem to have the same effect, does it?


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One response to People in Pottsville Have Lots on Their Mind

  1. Jack August 28th, 2020 at 12:13 pm

    I hate to say it but there is a brain drain in the county. Any with a brain or with money leaves for a better life. The youth want no part of this area. It takes every one to build a community but here everyone is for themselves or there political party and screw the community or the future for they have thiers. So what is left behind is the poor and ….


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