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Tamaqua – Home of the Crad Meat Chinese Buffet

funny Chinese restaurant signs 2

How does a comment about a pro wrestling ref’s untucked shirt evolve/devolve into a critique on Tamaqua’s restaurant scene?

Twitter, of course.

Tamaqua Crad Meat

It’s been a while since we updated our #ThisIsSchuylkillCounty section and couldn’t avoid it when we saw this convo recently.

On the evening of Feb. 2, Twitter user and wrestler Tony Deppen (@Tony_Deppen) posted a video, presumably of himself, pulling off some kind of wrestling move. It’s just a 5-second video but the grappler says, “I used to do fancy things.”

This Deppen fella must be popular. His tweet got nearly 70 likes.

One of his fans provided some commentary.

“Springboard to the second rope on the inside? You crazy bruh,” Twitter user @Shane_Simon writes.

Another reply says, “This is amazing.”

But it was a reply from @happypeep that caught our attention. Our local angle, if you will.

“Ref needs to tuck in that damn shirt,” they write. Clearly they’re talking about the unkempt ref in the wrestling video.

But someone named @ChrisDeckerIRL says that person expects too much of that ref. Consider the location, they say.

“You’re asking a lot for the townspeople of Tamaqua PA,” @ChrisDeckerIRL writes.

Somehow, @happypeep recognizes the name. They write somewhat excitedly in response, “ooh! I had breakfast there in a mildew smelling basement diner there once.”

To which, @ChrisDeckerIRL responds, “I ate at there [sic] Chinese Buffet where they had ‘CRAD MEAT’.”

Funny Chinese Restaurant Signs

You’ve likely seen plenty of hilarious Chinese restaurant sign translations in the past. These days, the rise in popularity of Vietnamese food is leading to more funny “pho” (pronounced “fuh”) business names. Like, Pho Kim. Or Pho King Great.


But let’s not forget about those funny Chinese restaurant signs. Here are a few of our favorites:

What Would You Pay for Fresh Crap?

funny Chinese restaurant signs 2

What if We Sweetened the Pot?

funny Chinese restaurant signs 1

Hillary’s Kind of Place?

funny Chinese restaurant signs 3

Love These Fusion Restaurants

funny Chinese restaurant signs 5

Honesty is Best Policy

funny Chinese restaurant signs 4

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