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#ThisIsSchuylkillCounty – “Crackhead” Spotting in Pottsville

We saw this tweet from Twitter user @matharu_sonny about a month ago …

pottsville crackheads

“the crackheads on east side of pottsville need to shut the hell up some of us have real jobs,” he writes.

Note: Twitter is not a place to exercise your grammar or any sort of proper sentence structure. Don’t expect it. It’s not happening.

So, back to the tweet

First, it’s good to hear that people on the East Side of Pottsville are working. At least some.

What we’re not happy to hear is about the “crackheads” making noise in the middle of the night.

Notice how we didn’t blink when mentioning the “crackheads”.

Crackheads in Pottsville

We’re kinda used to hearing about it. And for the last 5 years or so, Twitter has been a good sounding board for people railing against these Pottsville wanderers.

Check out this one from just this past April.

pottsville crackheads

Technically, we’ll have to disagree with user @shanntell_jones on this one. She writes: “Sunoco in Pottsville is literally a breeding grounds for crackheads.”

It’s not literally a breeding grounds. That would mean crackheads are breeding while at the APlu- …

Eww, maybe she’s on to something. We’ll take her word on the literal part.

More Than Just Crackheads?

It was silent on the Pottsville crackheads front in 2018.

We had to dig back to July 2017 and found this gem from “Yung Slug” on Twitter. They write that Pottsville’s got more than just crackheads but leads with them …

pottsville crackheads

“Jerry Maguire” — not THE Jerry Maguire — added some. We mostly have no idea what they’re talking about. Probably a New Philly thing or something.

Crackheads Everywhere

As we go back in time a little more, we realize that about once a year, someone keeps us informed on the situation in Pottsville. It’s like a census. A really messed up census but a census nonetheless. And it’s not entirely scientific. It just gives you a lay of the land.

In 2016, user @Bergs743 let us know the situation in the business district.

pottsville crackheads

It’s important to note that his assessment of “Crackheads, crackheads everywhere” was done in mid-February that year. Telling. We’re not sure what it’s telling us but telling, all the same.

Take My Kids … Please

Crack is whack, right? So you’re going to hear some pretty crazy things from a crackhead’s mouth. You never know when, either. It could be sitting in traffic.

Maybe they were just joking. They have senses of humor, too.

pottsville crackheads

Maybe it’s a crackhead Henny Youngman. “Take my kids, please.”

We don’t want to jump to conclusions. And we’d ask Twitter user JoCeLyN not to do the same.

Hidden Talents – Simply Amazing

Maybe Twitter user “dayzsh” heard this routine earlier in the year. She simply reported that “the crackheads of Pottsville amaze me”.

That’s not necessarily a knock on them. A whole routine on being a “crackhead” in Pottsville could be funny. It’s funny because it’s true?

pottsville crackheads


We don’t mean to poke fun at crack addiction. It can happen to anyone.


Finally, we go all the way back to 2014, late-August. Twitter tweeter @kstock22 reports on the “crackheads” training camp in Pottsville. He spotted a “bunch” of them running around the downtown area in the middle of the day.

Clearly, he missed the morning workout.

pottsville crackheads

These are just 7 examples of Twitter users commenting on the “crackheads” they see in Pottsville.

We don’t mean to poke fun at anyone suffering from an addiction. But we can’t help but notice that a noteworthy amount of people seem to be suffering from a “crack” addiction here in Pottsville and their exploits are noteworthy enough for others to notice.

We don’t really know what people are on but there’s definitely an element in Pottsville

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mike

    September 16, 2019 at 5:53 pm

    Trust me, I can feel your pain. I live in chendo and all you need to do is to drive by the One Stop on Main Street

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