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We’ve been sitting on this idea of highlighting the best things people say about Schuylkill County on Twitter.

Then we saw the tweet that had to kick off our newest recurring series on Coal Region Canary: #ThisIsSchuylkillCounty

Good Night for a Chaw

The premiere #ThisIsSchuylkillCounty tweet belongs to @shan11archer.

In it, she says:

“It’s a good night to have a chaw”
“*steals the skoal*”
“You’ve never met a girl from Schuylkill County”

Girls That Chew

We’re not promoting anyone chewing tobacco. They say that stuff’ll kill you and they’re probably right.

But we’re not going to condemn the activity, especially among women.

Indeed, women who use smokeless tobacco are an increasingly rare breed. According to information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, just 1 in every 100 women chew tobacco or use snuff. Snuff. Compare that with the 7 in every 100 men in the US who use it.

(Graph: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


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