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Meuser Says Congress Ready to Back Zelensky with Weapons, Sanctions on Russia

Meuser says Ukraine needs American weapons “immediately”

zelensky ukraine

US Rep. Dan Meuser, who represents Schuylkill County in Congress, says he and other members of Congress met virtually with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky Saturday morning.

Meuser says during the meeting he could sense “bipartisan support” for backing Ukraine with weapons as it tries to repel a Russian military attack. He also believes the US will hit Russia with additional economic sanctions in an attempt to slow President Vladimir Putin’s war effort.

It should be noted that Meuser is one of a few members of Congress who resisted posting a screen shot of their little face box next to Zelensky. Others did, however. US Rep. Matt Cartwright, who used to represent Schuylkill County, did this as did Sen. Marco Rubio, of Florida. But it was only Rubio’s social message that prompted liberals online to scold Little Marco for risking giving away Zelensky’s location.

Cartwright didn’t get the same treatment.

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Meuser Says US Must Immediately Send Ukraine Weapons

Following the call Saturday, Meuser released a statement on what happened.

“It is clear there is bipartisan consensus in both the House and Senate that the United States must continue to support Ukraine with arms and isolate Putin with tougher sanctions,” Meuser says.

He said Zelensky described the Russian armed forces as “bewildered” because they allegedly didn’t expect much push-back from Ukrainians as they advanced on their country.

“(The Russian soldiers) were lied to, told they were just training or that the Ukrainian people would welcome them. They are literally in shock at the resistance and courage of the Ukrainian people. The Russians have also proven to be butchers, targeting civilian areas and dangerously engaging in battle near several nuclear sites in Ukraine. President Zelensky and the Army’s leadership have strictly ordered Ukraine’s soldiers not to cross the line between being humane and being animals. It appears the Russian Army is under no such orders,” Meuser adds.

Meuser says the Ukrainians need anti-tank and anti-aircraft missile systems.

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“Critically, President Zelensky requested airplanes for the Ukrainian military to be able to counter Russian planes in the skies over Ukraine. This support for the Ukrainian military must be delivered immediately, time is of the essence,” the Congressman says.

Zelensky also allegedly asked the members of Congress on the call that they embargo Russian oil. Meuser says he supports that because we should be producing oil domestically.

“I cosponsored a bipartisan bill today that would cut off Russian imports of oil. It is unconscionable that the U.S. is paying nearly $2 billion per month for Russian energy that we can produce ourselves,” Meuser says. “Zelensky’s courage is extremely admirable and hopefully contagious. We must support the Ukrainian people in this fight by providing the weapons they request and imposing economic measures that will strangle Putin’s ability to wage war. This is not just a war between Ukraine and Russia, it’s a war between justice and injustice, good and evil, democracy and authoritarianism. In this fight, the U.S. must continue to rally our allies and support Ukraine against a force for evil.”


Image: Depositphotos

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