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Schuylkill County Man

Schuylkill County Man Says 30+ Tried to Steal Mom’s Camper – Police Say the Guy was High

auburn man high says mob tried to steal moms camper

A Schuylkill County man told police that 30 or more people were trying to steal his mom’s camper. When police investigated, they realized the guy was apparently REALLY high.

According to information released by State Police in Schuylkill Haven, 35-year-old Joshua Heckman called 9-1-1 from Auburn to report that this alleged mob of 30-plus people were trying to take his mom’s camper. Initially, Heckman called 9-1-1 but hung up, police say.

Police arrived in Auburn and found Heckman parked in the middle of Front St. Heckman told authorities that he was the one who called about the group of people trying to pilfer his mom’s camper.

But police found no such activity going down. And outside of finding Heckman parked in the middle of the street, they also found him to be under the influence of something … something obviously very strong.

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Police searched Heckman’s vehicle and found marijuana, some K2, and related drug paraphernalia.


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