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AOC Questions the Strength of Bootstraps, Calls Them a Joke

aoc bootstraps

Have you seen this latest insane video from everyone’s favorite New York Congresswoman? AOC expresses her issues with a phrase we’ve all heard. And in the coal region, we totally get it.

The clip is so moronic, it brought actor James Woods out of Twitter retirement to comment.

“This kind of blazing insight can be found nowhere else,” he says.

AOC Questions Strength of Bootstraps

Whomever she’s talking to here in this video agree that the phrase “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” is racist and a joke.

Not only can Americans not lift themselves out of poverty without her help, they can’t literally lift themselves up by a bootstrap.

AOC’s biggest problem with this common phrase associated with lifting one’s self from a bad situation is just that. She’s got to be there to help. AOC and her “Democrat socialist” mob will take care of all of us if we just submit to them.

They don’t want you to believe that you can achieve your own greatness — even from “nothing” — because they want you to come to them for help.

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AOC Crushes the American Dream

America is built on a lot of rags-to-riches stories. In fact, the people she claims to protect in her constant lecturing — the immigrants to America and marginalized communities here already — are hoping that she’s wrong here.

Nearly every immigrant to America seeks their own fortune, or at least a better life. In many ways, just to get to America, an immigrant must figuratively pick themselves up by their bootstraps.

And people in under-privileged parts of this country sure hope it’s not impossible to lift themselves up by their own boostraps. Most people in that situation know that the government isn’t really going to help them. And the only way they’ll get out of their predicament is to do something about it themselves.

Of course, she doesn’t believe any immigrant should have to be vetted to get to America. Just sneak across the border; it’s OK. So maybe that’s why this concept is lost on her.

Or AOC Doesn’t Get It

Or maybe she just doesn’t get it.

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It seems the New York Congresswoman takes things a little too literally, too.

She not only has a problem with the idea of Americans lifting themselves out of poverty, she has a problem with idioms.

If you were to tell her that her voice makes your skin crawl, she’d look at you and call you a liar.

“Your skin isn’t crawling!”


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