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Watch Trump Rally in Tulsa, OK (w/ Canary Notes)

trump rally tulsa

Check out tonight’s President Trump rally from Tulsa, OK.

President Trump Rally in Tulsa, OK

You can watch tonight’s rally courtesy of the Right Side Broadcasting Network:

Highlights from Trump Rally in Tulsa, OK

Here are some of the highlights from the Trump rally in Tulsa.

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Setting the Scene

  • This is the first public Trump rally since the beginning of the country’s pandemic response to the Chinese virus.
  • However, this is not the first public political rally since the pandemic began. Remember, liberal politicians have been marching for weeks in large groups alongside the Black Lives Matter movement, definitely an activist wing of the Democrat Party.
  • Mainstream #FakeNews reports started trying to dig up COVID infection stories ahead of the rally. Today, media outlets began echoing a story about 6 staff members testing positive for the virus on the day of the rally.
  • The virus wasn’t nearly as important the last couple weeks as that same media gave triumphant attention to those BLM protest marches and rallies. But now that Trump plans to have one of his massive public rallies, the virus and a potential “second wave” of it grips the media’s attention.

Diamond and Silk

Two of Trump’s biggest online influencers, Diamond and Silk dusted off their stump performance, bringing their energy to the rally in Tulsa.

  • Quote: “Donald Trump only sees one color and that’s green. And he wants you to have some of it.”

VP Mike Pence

No under-card disappointments tonight. Vice President Mike Pence working out some stump material tonight in Tulsa.

  • Quote: “It’s on, America.”
  • Quote: “There’s no excuse for what happened to George Floyd. And there’s no excuse for the looting, rioting and violence that followed.”
  • Quote: “We’re not going to de-fund the police. Not now. Not ever.”

Crowd seems a little rusty. The “Drain the Swamp” chant was a little choppy. Pitchy, even. Gonna need to work on that.

Definitely like the idea of “Make America Great Again Again” as an alternate campaign slogan.

Trump Enters the Arena

Crowd in Tulsa tonight seems amped to hear the President. Here’s hoping he’s got some new material but still busts out some classic rally tales. The snake?

Bitchy liberal watching this on TV says:

  • “Get ready for the SPIKE!”
  • “Look at him. Look at those idiots.”
  • “Eck, he makes me sick, that’s for sure.”
  • “No f’ing masks on any of them!”

Notes on Sleepy Joe Biden:

  • “Boy does he get a pass from these people (the press), doesn’t he?”

Trump on CHAZ or CHOP in Seattle:

  • “Any time you want, we’ll straighten it out in one hour or less.”
  • “It’s better for us to just watch this disaster.”
  • “Those people are Stone. Cold. Crazy.”

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Classic Trump rally bit character makes an appearance: Tough Hombre

The President explaining why he took tiny steps and couldn’t drink a glass of water with one hand at the West Point graduation was hilarious. As soon as clips emerged from the ceremony, the media and blue checkmarks on Twitter mocked Trump for having both a stroke and Parkinson’s disease.

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  1. PTFloridians

    June 20, 2020 at 7:32 pm

    This is great. Can’t wait. The Trump Train rides again.

  2. Jesus Christ

    August 2, 2020 at 1:40 am

    Wow, i couldn’t keep up with all the promises he made if he were re elected. His platform and vision for the next for years is so laser focused. he will defeat every glass of water and ramp going forward, no mater how much money from the pentagons budget it requires. I’ll just keep enjoying my Obama care, Hillary Clinton’s continued freedom as well as Andrew McCabe, and James Comey. All while the Corona Virus makes sure this is the last time any of us Herman Cain on Fox news, or anywhere else. You killing it Trump, the nation and our democracy that is.

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