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The #FakeNews Kept Joe Biden in the Race to Push Ukraine Impeachment Hoax

biden frontrunner

Why does the mainstream media keep saying Joe Biden is the favorite in the upcoming South Carolina Democrat primary?

Is it because of the polls saying he’s the leader?

They’re the same polls who said he was “the front-runner” in Iowa. He finished 5th.

Biden’s not even trying to win Nevada and punted in New Hampshire.

So, Why is Joe Biden Still in the Race?

There’s one reason and one reason only that Joe Biden remains in the Democrat race.

Biden the Media Favorite for South Carolina

By the time South Carolina holds its primary, Nevada will have voted and Biden will have lost again.

Still, he’s considered a favorite to win in South Carolina. It’s inexplicable, really. There’s no logical reason to think Biden is a lock for anything higher than 5th place in South Carolina or any state … including his “home” state of Pennsylvania.

The media presumes Biden is a contender in South Carolina because he’s allegedly the one who can garner the most black votes. Democrats like to think this way – divide you up by race or some other victim status and then try to pander to you. It’s truly racist.

Why is Biden the one that the average black voter would pick? The media offers no explanation. It has none.

Is it because of the Corn Pop story?

YouTube video

No joke .. that’s the most coherent story Biden’s told on the campaign trail this time around. Look up the one about the spaghetti can.

Oh, right. Maybe that’s why Joe’s got the black vote — even though South Carolina has more than just black people — because he’s shown over his two previous Presidential runs that he plays well in South Carolina.

Well, in 2008, the second time he ran, this is how the vote broke down:

biden south carolina 08

Look! A familiar position for Biden. Fifth place. And a distant fifth, at that. Maybe they were all black voters? Who knows? And the fact that he got way less than 1% of the vote means no one cared.

OK, he ran in 1988, too. But technically, he didn’t. Biden gave up his bid for President in September 1987, months before the first primary vote in 1988.

So, if he doesn’t get any votes. And he’s never gotten any votes for President, why does the media consider Biden a contender?

The Ukraine

The only reason the media’s keeping Joe Biden in the 2020 race is to support the false narrative it pushed on behalf of the Democrats in the impeachment scandal.

Only if you considered Joe Biden a “political rival” to President Donald Trump could you see anything potentially wrong with what Trump did in relation to Ukraine and foreign aid.

Trump wanted Ukraine to get to the bottom of the Bidens Joe and Hunter and Burisma. The President likely doesn’t know what the bottom actually is but he knows there is one.

Mainstream news outlets are too lazy and corrupted to investigate what the President wants to know. Of course, they just want him ousted, preferably on live television, so doing their job here — investigating a pretty obvious pay-to-play scheme involving the former Vice President — is out of the question.

Impeachment is right there in front of them. So, they announce that what the President is talking about is a “Fox News conspiracy” and keep calling Biden a “political rival.”

“The Political Rival”

What really doesn’t make sense is that the average mainstream news outlet portrays the average Trump supporter as … well, they don’t have many nice things to say. That’s especially true of their intellect.

So, why would Trump be trying to dig up dirt on Biden like this? Was he going to use it at one of his rallies? Instead of calling him Sleepy Joe — if he mentions him at all — you’re telling us that Trump will spend the time spelling out some elaborate pay-to-play scandal? That’s going to tip the scales?

Not at all.

But now that the Ukraine scandal flopped tremendously, Biden isn’t being called a political rival much any more. The media used Biden to push the Ukraine narrative. And now that everyone wants to put that in the rear view, expect the media to do that with Joe Biden.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. coalregion12

    February 14, 2020 at 9:23 am

    Joe has used up his usefulness with the Democratic Party. Like you said Biden was used to entrap Pres. Trump into Ukraine. As we know that fell like a lead weight. Now, Joe and his bumbling, incoherent, pandering speeches will drift into the sunset.
    The Democratic field is now left with Crazy Bernie and a bunch of no-names.
    Don’t be surprised to see Hilary pop back at some point.

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